Some may have forgotten about Amazon Studios’ Upload. The show, starring Robbie Amell, saw Nathan Brown get uploaded into a digitally after mysteriously dying. He then comes to connect with his customer service rep. Nora, while also still living under the shadow of his possesive—and alive—girlfriend.

Last viewers saw Nathan, he ran out of data and became frozen in a digital purgatory. Clearly, he’s bound to get out eventually, but that didn’t make the cliffhanger any less effective.

Now, nearly two years later, Amazon Studios is getting ready to release the show’s second season. Audiences can look forward to catching up with the residents of Lake View on March 11, and ahead of that date, the series has gotten a brand new trailer, which can be seen below.

Along with the new trailer, Amazon Studios has released several new images from the upcoming season.

The first sees Kevin Bigley’s Luke getting comfortable in the sauna.

Upload, Luke, Kevin Bigley
Amazon Studios

Andy Allo’s Nora Antony can be seen riding with Josh Banday’s Ivan.

Upload, Season 2, Andy Allo, Nora Antony
Amazon Studios

Owen Daniels returns as Lake View’s A.I. Guy.

Upload, Season 2, Owen Daniels, A.I. Guy
Amazon Studios

Allegra Edwards’ Ingrid Kannerman is seen across from a dog, which is the chosen avatar of someone on the side of the living.

Upload, Season 2, Ingrid Kannerman, Robbie Amell, Nathan Brown, Allegra Edwards
Amazon Studios

Robbie Amell’s Nathan Brown is standing arm-to-arm with Allegra Edwards’ Ingrid Kannerman.

Upload, Robbie Amell, Allegra Edwards, Ingrid Kannerman, Nathan Brown
Amazon Studios

Zainab Johnson’s Aleesha at her work desk equipped with her VR glasses.

Upload, Zainab Johnson, Aleesha
Amazon Studios

Andy Allo’s Nora can be seem next to Paulo Costanzo’s mysterious new character, Matteo.

Upload, Andy Allo, Nora Antony
Amazon Studios

Andrew Rosen’s Lucy attends a virtual meeting.

Upload, Lucy, Andrea Rosen
Amazon Studios

Upload‘s second season will be streaming on March 11, 2022, exclusively on Prime Video.