Nina is going to work, and it’s her first day and the kid’s first day too. Tyler is having some issues with Jackie forgetting the magic of the keys. He inadvertently brings up the fact that Kinsey has never been in Gabe’s head. Tyler finds it weird that she never has and that it’s never come up. It seems to get Kinsey thinking. She is also feeling some kind of way about Scot leaving to go to school. All of the family has an interesting first day. Nina meets a hot teacher. Bode meets a new girl who also suffered a loss. The hot new teacher, Josh, is Tyler’s teacher.

Tyler and Jackie have a class together, and with her being close to eighteen, she keeps forgetting the magic of the keys. Adults can see the magic, but they forget it. So, Jackie is forgetting things more and more about that magic. Finally, she takes this out on Tyler because she doesn’t remember the things that they did when using the keys. Tyler let her know the reason she is losing chunks of memory, and he explains why. Then, they decide to record a video of themselves explaining memories of them together while using the keys. So she can have something to reference it to when she can’t remember.

Kinsey tries her best to hide the fact that she still has feelings for Scot, but you can tell Tyler’s words got to her. She tells Gabe that she wants to go inside his head. But, we know Gabe is Dodge, so she can’t allow her inside her head. Dodge picks a fight, and then Kinsey asks him/her to leave. Kinsey wonders why he won’t allow her in.

Demon Eden senses trouble between Gabe and Kinsey, but all Dodge wants to know is if Kinsey knew how to make keys. So apparently, they are planning to make some sort of magical demon key. But, first, they have to find a way to make it.

Josh and Nina bond over the mutual loss of a spouse. He apologizes by offering a bit of help and understanding. There seems to be some interest there, but it may not be on the up and up because teacher Josh has a whole replica of the Locke house in his home. I knew there was something up—Satan in a Sunday hat. I don’t know how much the daughter is involved, though.

Gabe goes to the Locke house and talks Bode into using the keys. He knows that Tyler and Kinsey aren’t home, so he baits Bode into using the ghost key. See, Dodge thinks she can get the information from Chamberlain on how to make a magic key. So he lies about his intentions and tries to get information about how to make one. The intention is the key to making a key and blood, of course. Once he gets what he wants, he leaves.

Kinsey talks Tyler into going into Erin Voss’s head. Erin Voss was their father’s friend. She thinks Erin can help them to figure out a way to keep the memories that they will lose as they age up. When they get, there Erin is confused about the amount of time that has passed. So using the head key, they show Erin her true self. She is older and in a mental institution. So they wake her up after years and years.