Just when I thought there couldn’t be any more disasters, a man has a smart home and a scorned ex-girlfriend, who was playing with the controls of his smart home and caused him to injure himself. The ex-girlfriend called 911 to get him an ambulance. But Maddie suspects something when she realizes that the girlfriend isn’t in the same house. So Athena makes a little trip to the girlfriend’s house.

Life goes on for the 911 crew. Athena is still unhappy that May is not working. And she wants to help out her mom. Hen is still in medical school and moving up to cadavers. Hen isn’t having any trouble, but her classmates are. And she is just trying to be helpful even if they don’t want her help.

Maddie and Chim are getting ready for baby by baby proofing and assembling the crib. And Uncle Buck is there to help. While there, he confesses that he is seeing a therapist to try and work through some personal issues. And Maddie seems distressed by it. And in truth, it is partly her fault. But Buck has had a hard time getting over Abby Maddie goes to Buck’s house, and he explains his reasons to her and that he is ok. After their talk, Maddie calls their mom and explains what is going on with Buck. And we learn that there is a secret concerning Buck. They’ve been lying to him his whole life.

Athena is investigating a bank robbery. And the thief is not very smart and is caught very soon after committing his crime because of the world wide web. And the one hundred eighteen has an emergency, and it’s a woman who has suddenly gone blind. She’s a yoga instructor who has a parasite in her eye. It seems that it comes from the goats she has during her class.

On a serious note, Hen finds out why her classmate is so unfriendly or determined. She has a backstory, and it includes a disease that could potentially kill her before she turns thirty-five. Athena reveals that she is no longer going to therapy, but she did not share that information with Bobby. You can tell he is not happy with that fact, but Athena brushes it off as nothing. I have a feeling that we will hear more about that and Buck’s secret. But in the meantime, the one hundred eighteen is headed to Texas.