Each year, we see numerous events in esports that attract our look by the quality of professional teams, total organization of the event, great prize pools of the event, competition between specific teams that last for years, and other aspects that make us love to see esports matches. One of the most exciting games to watch in League of Legends, one of the biggest esports-oriented games of our time. There are numerous events during the year in this game, on which you can see stiff competitions between professional teams, but we can manage to choose the brightest matches of the 2021 year on this topic.

For the past year, during the most incredible event of LoL – Worlds 2021, the group stage has become the best, taking to attention the records of analytics and fans of the game. More than 50 memorable matches, out of which 5 were the coolest in the last 11 years of the history of professional esports tournaments.

#1 Mad Lions Vs. LNG Esports, Day 7 

Total control of the opponent, unhuman pressure during the game, brutal fights, all that was during the BO1 match from the side of LNG Esports. The undertakers in this match were Mad Lions, but addiction to their purpose to win the game and good team play made it possible for them to go through some clutches during the esports match, which boosted their LoL scores inside the game, such as the economy of the team. It was a great show, with an unexpected end. Watching this match, it was clear that statistics in this match would not work as it seemed to work all year in competition with these two teams, and predictions were correct, Mad Lions took over LNG in the very last fight.

#2 Cloud9 Vs. Team Rogue, Day 4

This match was unique and mostly was about the preparation. Team Rogues are very experienced and even won several previous competitions against Cloud9.   The United States team still prepared for them well neutralized the most vital points of the opponent`s team – macro gaming. Cold mind and pure strategy made it possible for them not to fight to lose their minds and win. There are a lot of League of Legends live matches that show that preparation plays a huge role in the success of esports matches. In these matches, you can see examples of strategies that you can use even during your usual pubs or ranked games.

#3 Team Liquid Vs. Gen.G Esports, Day 7 

Classical LoL match of advantage, which team Gen.G Esports tried to gain through all BO1 on Day 7 against Team Liquid. It was a match of hope from the side of the European team for a sudden win, but still, the strategy of Gen.G was clear as a day. This match was amazing to watch because of the good fight from Team Liquid and the all-in approach on which they put all their afford, but still, it was not enough to win. In this match, we were able to see the dedication of professionals that choose to win for the useless fight, which leads them to a pure gold advantage and allows them to buy core items. Scores in the LoL section of analytics predicted Gen.G Esports’s win from the very beginning of the match.

#4 Fnatic Vs. Royal Never Give Up, Day 6 

One of the most unforgettable events of the day on the World 2021 tournament of the group stage. An unfortunate reshuffle of the Fnatic team at the beginning of the Worlds 2021 Championship group stage of the bottom player to Louis “Bean” Schmitz gives a massive window of opportunity for the Royal Never Give Up Team, which leads to the worst result on worlds championship tournament. 

The substitution of players is one of the worst things which can happen to professional esports teams on the main events and usually can predict the loss for a team almost for 100% significance. The history of the matches should have been a fair fight, but a change of one core player weakened players a lot, so they lost in synergy and understanding inside their team.

#5 Cloud9 Vs. DWG KIA, Day 4 

It was the best match in the history of the Worlds Championships for Cloud9. Three straightforward games they won in a row show that they don’t want to go home. It was a spectacular lol match with the essence of dominance. Good strategies, picks, farm of players, rotations around the map. This match is an example of an ideal game with a system prepared for a lot of time before the actual game, on purpose to win with 100% certainty.