Source: Nintendo

The Red Lantern is a story-driven, rogue-lite survival game. You and your pack of five dogs are lost in the snowy wilderness of Alaska. You have to navigate the landscape around you, and survive- including hunting, fishing, and caring for the five dogs. While this may sound idyllic to some, be careful of the natural predators of the wilderness that may come by at night. Your goal is to navigate through the ever-changing landscape and find your way back home.

The game lets players make choices on how to navigate the wilderness, such as calling out, avoiding certain animals, and deciding if and when to hunt. You build relationships with your dogs as you explore the world around you; so while there are high stakes in this game, there is still the wholesomeness that comes with travel and dogs.

Other Features Include:

  • A world that changes dependent on your decisions and playstyle.
  • Nearly 100 encounters – each with varied results.
  • Gain items through exploring the world around you.
  • There’s 8 different pups to choose from to make your team, each with their own personalities and quirks.
  • Most importantly, you can pet the dogs.
Source: @TimberlineGames

The Red Lantern has already been released and is available on Nintendo Switch and PC. This is the debut release of Timberline Studio, so there is likely more to come from them in the future – and most likely games that contain more dogs. Check out the trailer here: