June is returned to the home Commander Lawrence. She isn’t walking very well with all the time on her knees at the hospital. June has found new purpose while in constant “prayer”. At the house she finds out that Mrs. Lawrence is unwell. More so than usual.

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There is a surprise inspection that turns out to be visitors. Commander Waterford walks in. Also walking in is Serena and High Commander Winslow. He stops and speaks to June. He doesn’t seem to like her answers.

June sneaks into Commander Lawrence’s office but is caught by Mrs. Lawrence. She asks June what she is doing and June is honest. Mrs. Lawrence helps her find the needed information. June expresses to Mrs. Lawrence that Commander Lawrence wants her to be safe and that he loves her. Mrs. Lawrence tells June that for Commander Lawrence and her to leave would mean a life sentence in prison for him.

Commander Waterford is stirring the pot and potentially putting Commander and Mrs. Lawrence in danger as well as June and the rest of his household. June is searching through Commander Lawrence’s files and gets called to the sitting room. They must preform the sex ritual with people waiting to check to see if they followed through with it. Mrs. Lawrence is beside herself because she doesn’t want this. Nor does Commander Lawrence. Truth be told neither June. However the desire to survive is strong enough that they play their roles.

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Serena checks on Mrs. Lawrence. Commander Waterford seems extremely disappointed that the ceremony was “successful”. The Waterford’s and High Commander Winslow take their leave. When June asks after Mrs. Lawrence, the Commander says she is very quiet and slides something over to June. He tells her he will get her a truck but he has a condition.

What is Commander Lawrence’s condition? What did he slide June? Something big is about to go down. What is it? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…

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