Golden Square is not so golden anymore, now is it? Justice Hunt has stationed 2 guards outside the doors to ensure good ole Quigley is not doing business anymore. So Quigley and the girls set out to her old friends house Mrs May. Not only does he have guards at Quigley but at Maggie’s house too. And proceeds to conduct a “search” on her premises as well. Going from door to door he meets the tenants of her house, including Nancy, who he just had whipped for basically inciting a riot. While in the house, the button that Fanny found in Kitty’s hair is passed onto the Hunt as a clue to who may have killed her. Not finding anything, he leaves but takes the button with him.

Let me just say how much I dislike Harriet. In the first season she seems to climb down off her high horse but now she is just a snobbish whore who doesn’t seem to understand her place in the world and tries to run everything and everyone. Emily and Charles are bickering about what her job title is bawd vs whore. But Emily doesn’t quite seem to know how to run a Bawdy house, she is too busy trying to be both. Back at Greek Street, Lucy is seeking advice from Nancy regarding Lord Fallon. It seems she wants to go with him despite her earlier qualms about him and how she didn’t like him. But that seems to be changing as her interest grows. Nancy decides to go back home and runs into Will while she tries to hobble over to the tavern to get a drink.

Mrs. May is very mysterious. So far we can see that she is greedy and has some sort of hold on Quigley, but what we do not know. One thing that is for certain is that Charlotte is getting a little closer to Quigley. There is a bond of trust that is beginning to grow between them. Or so Quigley thinks. Mrs. May and Quigley are having a pow wow. Discussing Maggie and Charlotte and how Maggie feels her innocence was stolen. Mrs May makes a statement saying “but children aren’t innocent”. Mrs. May chides Quigley about her hitting rock bottom, and going to prison. Quigley says to her, she knew how to please father when she was still an infant. What does that even mean? We have so little on Quigley’s back story and how she became a Bawd. Does that mean that her father violated her in infancy? Those statements just gave us more questions. I look forward to learning more of Quigley’s backstory. Charles comes to visit his mother and tells her she should have come to him for help but we all know that she despises Emily Lacey because well she almost killed him trying to get away from Quigley. So she is on Lydia’s list for destruction.

Charlotte ends up in the company of Lady Fitz to demand, on Quigley’s behalf, to allow her to matriculate in her upper class circle. But Lady Fitz is truly against. Blyne is a bit of onion, with many layers. Not sure what his motive is except keep Lizzy under his thumb. With her deed done, Charlotte goes to tell Quigley about the Pleasure Gardens. Will is still staying at the tavern and Maggie is trying to get him to come home, which of course he balks at. I can’t understand why everyone thinks that she is such a demon. Like she was the one who killed all those people. In essence I can understand where Maggie is coming from since she was only trying to protect her daughter from being hanging for stabbing a noble man. Charlotte is a bit loss and seeks out Nancy’s advice on how to handle things. She tells her to be careful and not let Lydia get in her soul.

Lord Fallon pays a visit to Greek Street and against her mother’s warnings she gets in his carriage to go for a drive. On the drive she begins to negotiate the terms of his keeping her. While on the carriage ride, in full view of everyone, Lucy successfully negotiates the terms of him keeping her. He gives her what she wants and then tells him she’ll think about it. Seems she is taking Nancy’s advice but is she truly in control. I don’t think so. Everyone has their own agenda and things don’t quite go the way Charles hoped and he returns to Emily.

We have a new character of interest, who fought in the war. He has now had encounters with Charlotte and Will. So far all we know is that he’s handsome and he likes to pick a fight. Cherry is in Maggie’s employ now and is sending girls to Maggie’s house to work. Meanwhile, Violet is giving the justice the low down on how it all works and how girls become harlots. Violet and Amelia’s relationship has been taken to a new level  and Charles has brought Cherry home. Only to find Emily engaging another man. She tells him that its just work but doesn’t get paid. Out of spite, Charles tests out Cherry, one of the new girls.

Now all the girls are getting ready for the pleasure gardens. Lucy pulls her mom to the side and tells her that she has decided to take his offer. And that she is not going to the pleasure gardens because she is going to go to Lord Fallon. Over at May’s house, Charlotte is interrupted by Mrs. May who comes to tell her about Lydia as a child. Mrs. May reads Charlotte, she can sense that she is up to no good and threatens Charlotte. So it makes you wonder what is the relationship between Quigley and Mrs May. Who is Mrs May to Quigley. There is a certain amount of animosity between the two, but why? She is protective of her, but isn’t afraid to swindle money from her. At the pleasure gardens we run into everyone including Lady Fitz.

Charlotte receives a rose and spots Lady Fitz across the pond. They chat while Mrs May and Quigley watch on. But it is the brother who commands her attention. He wants Charlotte and he invites her to his rooms. But Lady Fitz intervenes and pulls her away. We finally learn what Lydia’s plans are and it is to reopen Golden Square by getting past justice Hunt. Now we begin to understand what her motives are and that blackmailing Lady Fitz was just the beginning of her torment. Lizzy talks to Charlotte and they begin to understand each other and they agree to take down Lydia together. With one condition that Charlotte stays away from her brother. So it would seem that they trip to the pleasure gardens was a success for everyone.

Coming home from the Pleasure Gardens, Maggie wishes Lucy a farewell as she gets into the carriage and goes to Lord Fallon. And despite her promise to Lady Fitz, Charlotte was all but forced to service Blyne. She is blind sighted by Lydia and has no other choice but to do her duty. It seems Mrs Scanwell and Maggie have found a bit of common ground at least in their hatred from Lydia. Lucy walks into the devil’s layer after she sold her soul for a few pounds.

A great episode that gave us nothing but more questions. Who is Mrs May? What are Lord Fallon’s true intentions? What happened to Lydia as a child? Did Lydia wrong Mrs May? Why is she so protective of Lydia?