Settling into a “normal” life after seven years apart isn’t quite going as they had imagined. Everyone is a stranger. It’s very naive of them to think that Well it may be it’s more so that June is forever changed. She spent the most time there and maybe her family has expectations of her that are unattainable. There is disappointment and tension, along with the realization that June is a different person. So in essence they have to mourn her twice. As far as her feelings for Luke, I had higher expectations, especially her mini-meltdown before she got off the boat. But it was not to be. I wanted them to go back to the couple they were or some semblance of their old relationship.

June is going to group therapy. Along with Moira and Emily. From June’s body language and attitude, she cannot relate to the other women who were also at Gilead. They talk about their pain and experiences but they are not angry and June is pissed, to say the least. And she had plans to testify against Serena and Fred, who have joined forces for their child. June is excited about the prospect of testifying against them and assuring they pay for their crimes.

The Waterfords are hashing out their plan of attack But they are going to need more than a united front to save their skin because June’s testimony is damning. So, Serena and Fred’s alliance has never been more important than it is right now. But will it be enough to save them? Does Serena have any tricks up her sleeve? The only reason she went to Fred was out of fear.

June gives her account with Luke listening and asks the court for the maximum sentence. While speaking Fred loses his temper a little bit. But whether or not that hindered his case remains to be seen. Was it an intentional outburst or did he show his true side?

Aunt Lydia keeps letting her temper get the best of her and ends up paying for it with her position so she goes to Commander Lawrence for what she thinks is her termination. But instead tells her she needs to get her act together. And we learn Janine is alive. What will Lydia do with her? Take her under her wing for now.

Aunt Irene finally gets to have her say in front of Emily and the other women in the group. She starts to list off her dastardly deeds. Much to everyone’s horror. she whines about how she feels guilty and wants Emily’s forgiveness. But Emily ain’t trying to hear that. And she tells her no and storms off to the sound of the woman’s sobs. Emily feels like things between her and that aunt are unfinished so she goes to pay her a visit and finds her swinging from a tree.

Serena Joy is back in her teal and a small fan base outside their jail. They may have a leg to stand on and some support in Canada. A very pregnant Serena and Fred walk hand and hand to their vehicle to shouts of Serena’s name being chanted.

Group doesn’t go exactly as planned and Moira tries to gain control but they are all pissed. And June is finding women who feel the same way she does.