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2021 Back To School Nerdy Trends

Nowadays kids are not only subject to what their parents expose them to. With the technology that they can easily access gives them the advantage of finding their own unique interests. Naturally, a lot of them will come across video games which can help improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Maybe even help them learn how to read better and develop problem-solving skills.

A tutorial on customizing your character in Dragons’ Life on Roblox.

Ever since I hopped on to Roblox with my kiddos they’re now determined to always oblige me to play with them. Although I will admit, I was surprised to see the vast variety of games the platform has to offer for all kinds of gamers to enjoy. Not going to lie we did have a lot of fun playing Dragons’ Life simulator and Zombie Uprising. Sometimes they will also play Minecraft and show me their houses, garden, and animal pens. They even had one for bees! What surprised me the most was this tall tower that had a fire pit at the top that stood at the back of their base, This would help them find their way back home whenever they’d roam around the map. Basically it was like a lighthouse, calling sailors back to shore from their weary travels. I loved how creative and smart they were in building their Minecraft base. 

A tweet from Minecraft about hosting a dinner party.

Other kids may stumble across YouTube and find music videos of their favorite superheroes and cartoons. I know my five year old son was obsessed with watching this one fan made music video of Transformers to Imagine Dragons’ “Believer”. He eventually learned the lyrics by heart and got the song stuck in my head with his little voice yelling “Believer!” Believe me I was impressed to stumble across him singing along to his favorite song and the accuracy of being able to repeat the words by just listening to it over a million of times. He used to struggle with his speech at first but over the summer since he got a tablet for his birthday his speech has improved tenfold. It’s like everyone says “A child’s mind is like a sponge.” This eventually led him to also learn how to disassemble and rearrange his Bumblebee action figure. Since he’s always watching Transformers videos on YouTube he learned how to transform his toys all on his own. That’s why this year going back to school, my son showed off his little Optimus Prime watch, reflective Transformers backpack, Transformers Thermos Bottle and an Optimus Prime jacket.

A non profit fan made tribute for Transformers’ autobot Bumblebee.

I also did notice that many kids were sporting The Mandalorian’s cute little baby Grogu. I mean who wouldn’t?  By surpassing racial barriers, with having a diverse set of cast members such as Rosario Dawson, John Leguizamo, and Giancarlo Esposito, I noticed a lot of TikToks were about what to expect when growing up in a Hispanic household. As to be expected when the main protagonist is none other than Pedro Pascal, who is a Star Wars fan himself. This creates inspiration in kids who may grow up facing limitations due to their ethnicity, that if even middle aged multiethnic people can become characters that are out of this world, then they themselves can aim for the stars when it comes to chasing your dreams.

Fan art featured on the Star Wars official website.

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