Holidays are a wonderful thing. They are those special times of the year where you celebrate an event with loved ones or friends and they tend to involve plenty of fun and good times. To help people get into the spirit of the holidays, there also tends to be a fair number of holiday-themed activities, games, and movies. So let’s take a look at some of the top three holiday-themed movies, focusing on the Christmas holiday in particular. Each of these should make it to your must-watch list.

The Search for Santa Paws – Perfect Family Movie Watching

For those with young children at home and who are looking for a family-friendly Christmas-themed movie then Santa Paws is the way to go. Released back in 2010, this movie features an adorable cast of magic dogs that help out Santa and ensure Christmas happens. If the kids end up loving the movie, there are others in the series, so you can go through them all.

Parents can add a little adult fun to the Santa Paws movie night by checking out some themed games after the kids head to bed. It’s a great way to extend the Christmas vibes. Games are notorious for taking cues from popular movies and holiday-themed games are wildly popular.

Die Hard – Is It a Christmas-Themed Movie?

Here’s a movie that causes a fair amount of controversy when it comes to whether or not it can be classified as a holiday-themed movie. This is an action-packed movie but it also happens to take place at Christmas. For that reason, it tends to air during December, and leading up to Christmas, but this certainly isn’t your typical Christmas-themed movie.

If you have never watched this Bruce Willis classic movie, you’re in for a real treat as this is what got his career as an action movie star started, and lead him to get even more iconic roles, such as Butch Coolidge in the Tarantino classic ‘Pulp Fiction’ as well as a leading role in the highly acclaimed ‘Unbreakbale’ alongside Samuel L. Jackson. 

Home Alone – Add Some Humour to Your Movie Viewing Rotation

If you were to survey Australians about what their favourite or most-watched Christmas movie is, you can expect Home Alone to get a fair amount of coverage. This is a movie that doesn’t seem to age and appeals to viewers of all ages – from kids to seniors. It’s packed with light-hearted fun and laughs, plus there are some rather touching moments in the movie.

Released back in 1990, this movie stars Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McAllister. Kevin who is only eight years old accidentally gets left Home Alone when his family leaves for their Christmas vacation. This is when the chaos ensues, as a couple of burglars try to break into the family home – assuming it’s empty – and it’s up to Kevin to keep the house safe. There is also a sequel – Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, that can also go on the must-watch list. These films have become cult classics over the years and provide many viewers equal comfort and humor every time they’re watched during the holiday season.

A Little Something for Everyone

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas-themed movie to watch this year in celebration of the holidays, any of these three are sure to provide you with entertainment, fun, and Christmas spirit. People often think that most Christmas-themed movies are all the same, and despite the low-quality flicks following a similar formula, there are a lot of different and distinct films that film lovers of all tastes can enjoy.