There’s no need to emphasize just how successful the Star Wars franchise is. Just thinking about how a franchise that started in the ‘70s has had a huge cultural impact on the following generations to come. Now, it’s said that the epic soap opera series staged in space has one of the largest fanbases all over the world. 

The series spawned many succeeding films, Star Wars-inspired theme parks and attractions, and tons of merchandise. Fans who resonate with the movies’ characters and storylines are said to buy merchandise items to show their love and support. And for superfans like you, you probably have your own collection consisting of hundreds of limited-edition items ranging from figurines, toys, or posters. But if there’s anything any fan should have, it’s the lightsaber.  

 A replica lightsaber will be the closest thing you can get from the real deal. It’s said that simply owning one already brings so much joy in the hearts of loyal followers. If you don’t have one in your collection yet, you should seriously think about getting one. Still at a loss? Here are some of the reasons why you should get a lightsaber replica now.  

  1. To Help You Finally Complete Your Collection 

Star Wars collectors are said to agree that the habit of collecting items can be potentially addictive. As a loyal fan of the franchise yourself, when you see something that’s not a part of your collection yet, you may feel a strong urge to purchase in your quest to finally complete your collection. 

Some say that one can’t really claim that they’re a true Star Wars collector if they don’t have a lightsaber in their respective collections. Starting things off with a replica is perfect because you could get all the canon lightsabers from the series. You may also simply get the lightsaber your favorite Jedi or Sith have used. 

Thankfully, it’s easy to find high-quality sabers from manufacturers all around the world. Galaxy Sabers, along with their fellow brands, have a variety of lightsaber options to choose from. You could even have them customized if you have an original design in mind.  

The great thing about customizability is that you could even get yourself a lightsaber that was only featured in the extended universe. For example, Yaddle’s unique orange lightsaber is a rare find that could definitely catch any Star Wars fan’s eye. 

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  1. To Get Your Hands On Your Favorites 

Another reason why you should get a lightsaber replica is to simply get your hands on your favorite character’s saber. For example, Mace Windu’s lightsaber is one of the popular fan favorites which makes it a best seller and sometimes hard to obtain due to the high demand.  

Don’t let yourself feel you’re missing out on the fun. If you don’t already have your favorite lightsaber yet, purchase one today. Even if you don’t want to collect each kind of saber from the Star Wars universe, it’s still great to have the one you like best.  

  1. They Serve As Great Display Pieces 

Many Star Wars collectors are said to believe that their collectibles can serve as display pieces quite well. A replica lightsaber not only has great aesthetic value which makes it a great fit for display but it could even be as a source of light to set a space’s tone. 

For instance, Darth Vader’s lightsaber is excellent to add a sinister red tinge to your collection room. Moreover, if you have anyone over, they make great conversation pieces, especially if they’re a Star Wars fan just like you.  

  1. Bragging Rights 

And probably the best reason, among others, to get a replica lightsaber is for the bragging rights. Whenever you go to a fan meetup and convention or even a new Star Wars movie premiere, it’s the perfect time for you to wield your lightsaber and show it off to your fellow fans. It’s bound to get you new friends or catch anybody’s attention.

  1. They’re Valuable Investments 

The next reason why you should get a replica lightsaber is that they’re valuable investments. As the franchise is set to see further developments in the foreseeable future, its cultural value is believed to continue to rise. If you manage to get a rare limited-edition lightsaber, its resale price may become more valuable in the future. 

For example, some of the vintage Star Wars toys from the ‘70s released alongside the original iterations are worth a lot of money now. Star Wars fans are believed to be really devoted to finding the best merchandise out there and are willing to pay top dollar for it. But the key to getting the best value possible for your lightsabers is to keep them in a pristine and unopened condition. 

  1. You Could Use It For Duels 

If it’s made for dueling, you could even use it for sparring with fellow replica lightsaber owners. However, do remember that before engaging in a lightsaber duel with another fellow you’d need to study the different lightsaber fighting styles. Communicate with your partner too beforehand for the two of you to be clear about the match between you two. 

If you’re confident with your lightsaber-wielding skills, you might even want to join dueling competitions hosted by fan groups and other sponsor organizations. 

  1. They’re Perfect For Roleplaying And Cosplaying 

Lightsabers are well-known around Star Wars fan circles and are one of the most recognizable items outside of the fandom. A lightsaber is regarded as an important prop to have for anyone who cosplays or likes to dress up as their favorite character. To be completely truthful and committed to embodying a Star Wars character and how they’re visually depicted in media, you’ll need to have everything mirrored down to the last detail – lightsaber included. 


When it comes to Star Wars collections, there are different kinds of items that you could choose from. But you just can’t simply do without a lightsaber for it’s such a prominent symbol in the franchise. Even if you have no sword skills or just starting out with your collection, a replica lightsaber is a significant piece of Star Wars merch that any true fan of the franchise should have.