One of the most famous and sought-after gaming formats for enthusiasts of gambling worldwide is online slot machines. The online world never lacked gaming options for anyone who wanted to participate in games. Each gaming format is unique depending on its target audience. Over the past few years, software developers have continuously developed fresh and unique ideas for online slot gaming machines. Typically, gamers will see familiar themes when they play online slots. The themes of these online slot machines can range anywhere from horror, adventure, fantasy, space, mythology, and music, just to name some. Recently, developers had looked into merging some of the beloved video games into online slot games. This idea was able to entice even more players to try their hand at playing online slots. We listed down some free online slots you can try out whether you’re a beginner or have been playing the game for a long time.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Da Vinci Diamond Slots

Are you an art enthusiast and are looking for an online slot that will not only give you a chance to win but also show you some of the best artworks of Da Vinci? This is the game for you. The International Game Technology launched this game which had also launched a considerable amount of games many people enjoy. With this game, you don’t need to download nor to register in order to play. 

Pompeii Slot

Are you looking into some of the most historical moments of humanity? Pompeii Slot is the online slot option that will take you on that journey. You can expect a great payout because you can get a total pay line of 243. Though the Roman City experienced an ill fate that was this game’s namesake, that does not equate to sharing the same fate. 


Who else to guide you in winning the best prize in a slot game other than the most powerful god in Greek Mythology? Zeus is a 30 pay line with five reels. This slot game is given for free to anyone who wishes to play the game. More than having the chance to play the game with Zeus, you also get to earn real money. May the gods be on your side as you play the game. 


One of the most famous personalities in the history of humanity, Cleopatra is now on online slots. Go back in time and walk into the desert of Egypt and play slots with Cleopatra. This game provides its users special spins when the player reached the bonus rounds. More than that, the game is providing a total of 25 pay lines. You can surely win as much as you can with the ruler of Egypt. If fate is with you, you might get a fraction of the pharaoh’s riches. Cleopatra’s jackpot can reach a whopping $1.546.345. Now, if you want to play it safe, there is also an option to play the non-progressive jackpot. 

Aside from free online slots providing you with a great gaming experience, it can also offer you a grand prize at the end of it. What’s so great about these games is how there is no need to pay a fee if you simply wish to try playing the game. Plus, the moment you win, you basically invested nothing at a chance to win such a massive sum of money.