As with many other sports in the world, the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) has had a number of video games to have been released allowing players to get their fix of the mixed martial art in the virtual world.

As many will have already realized, this sport has continued to evolve and become one of the fastest-rising in regards to popularity, with more and more fans continuing to tune in and view the fights that take place in the famous Octagon.

Whilst some games can be considered to be easy to develop, the UFC titles can perhaps be considered to be a little harder than many others, as they feature a number of different moves and complex features that need to be designed as accurately as possible.

Although it can be a rather hard challenge, it is one that developers have managed to successfully accomplish at times, with these titles being some of the best games to have ever featured the UFC.


The latest installment in the UFC game series by EA Sports, UFC 4 was released in 2020 and features some of the best gameplay to date when it comes down to the mixed martial art.

Admittedly, it may not have started off too well as there were a number of issues that had upset some of the sport’s fans from the beginning. There was a clinch system that had allowed players to spam over and over again, whilst the game also appeared to remove elbows from the dominant position that players found themselves in.

However, the developers continued to work hard at it and have released several fixes that have made the game significantly better, although certain improvements can be had.

Nonetheless, UFC 4 is still an incredibly fun game that can be played where players are able to recreate upcoming fights such as the Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor fight that has seen Poirier be considered the favorite based on the odds that are continued to be provided by reputable bookmakers and sportsbooks such as Unibet IN.

UFC: Undisputed 2010

Just over a decade ago, UFC: Undisputed 2010 was released for those who had a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and it proved to be a rather exceptional video game title.

Players who played this game will have been able to experience huge improvements to certain modes that were available on previous video game titles, such as the ‘The Ultimate Fights Mode’ and the ‘Career Mode’, which had been made more in-depth.

The in-play game experience had also been worked on as the clinch and ground grappling systems had been reimagined and allowed players to use the cage wall of the Octagon to try and gain an advantage against their opponent; just as a fighter can look to do when they are in an actual bout.

There were still some issues within the game, but with it being released in 2010, it could be argued that games were still of a certain level at that moment in time. However, that did not stop it from being a top video game and one of the best at the time.

UFC: Undisputed 3

Having been released after the 2010 edition of the video game with the same name, UFC: Undisputed 3 was the third and final game to be released under the development of Yukes under the THQ agreement. The developer, who had hit games that they released in collaboration with the WWE, went defunct in 2013, but their 2012 UFC title was arguably one of the company’s best that they had ever managed to create.

In fact, it could be argued that the game is still the best to have ever featured the UFC. Players that had experienced the gameplay of this game will have instantly seen a number of improvements be made to its previous version, with the submission system having been refined.

Indeed, the game could be argued to have appealed to many mixed martial arts fans outside of UFC, as well, as it featured the inclusion of the Japanese PRIDE FC league; a promotion that appeared to be even more violent than the UFC might appear to some.