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I read so many books that have to do with myth and magick that I review for you guys that I thought it was time for me to let you in on who and what the realm of fairy is. Most especially the Merry Gentry books I review for you deal with the Seelie and Unseelie Sidhe. Come to think of it, Harry Dresden of The Dresden Files does too. He is the Winter Night of the Unseelie Sidhe. Admittedly, both Merry and Harry deal with Courts that are vastly different in look, make up in the hierarchy and how they are run and even who the Queens are.

Furthermore, in many games and movies, we see or play elves or fairies. There are all kinds of myths and magicks surrounding them. In all myths, the Fae are youthful and beautiful. What is not clearly understood by many is that the Fae, the people of Fairy, encompasses more than just the tall, slender beautiful people. Brownies, sprites, goblins and more all comprise the Fae. The Tuatha De Danann (pronounced Thoo a Du-non) translates to the Children of the Goddess Danu. They are also called the Sidhe (pronounced SHEE). They are the Kings and Queens of Fairy. I will even go as far as to say Goddesses and Gods in their own right.

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The Tuatha De Danann Came to Ireland with fabulous wisdom and gifts from four cities where they learned from gifted wise men. Senias of Murias, Morias of Falias, Urias of Gorias and Arias of Finias were the cities and wise men. The treasures that were brought to Ireland were all beneficial to the land and its people. It is said that the Tuatha De Danann landed on the shore of Ireland in great boats out of clouds or mist as thick as clouds. They came from Achaia, which is accredited to Denmark, and lived in Lochlonn, Ireland. They visited other lands before settling in Ireland.

When the Tuatha De Danann first landed on the shores, the Firbolgs inhabited the land. They, the Firbolgs and the Children of Danu, fight for rulership of the land. They ended up sharing leadership with the Tuath, with the Tuath ruling the majority of the land. The next war was with the Fomorians but it was the Milesians that defeated the Tuatha De Danann. The Tuatha De Danann had intermingled with the Firbolgs and Fomorians and thus we have the different types of lesser Fae. Even though this was true, the Firbolgs and the Fomorians still hated the Tuatha De Danann. They helped the Milesians.

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No one knows why the Tuatha De Danann are no longer here for sure. Those of us who believe in myth and magick often choose to believe they withdrew from a world that no longer wanted/needed them. We hope they will return once again.

Needless to say that this is where we get beautiful, fierce elves and kobolds and so many others through pen and paper games such as D&D, books like The Lord of the Ring Trilogy or even games like World of Warcraft. In all that the characters or toons have traced back to the Sidhe be them from Ireland or one of the many lands they touched on their way to Ireland. There are more legends of the Fae out there. Would you like to know more? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…