The episodes introduction is at an excavation of an Egyptian tomb, the fallout is still unclear at this point, but it certainly can’t be good, am I right? We join Omni Man/Nolan Grayson (J.K. Simmons) and his son Invincible/Mark (Steven Yeun) amidst a flying lesson. They banter back and forth as they race to Mount Everest.

At the end of episode 3 Robot seems to be up to no good as he releases the Mauler Twins from a super prison, and doesn’t that seem suspicious? Robot clearly has some sort of ulterior motive hiding beneath that robot dome, but what could it be? I’ve always said never trust a robot, and this episode proves that I’m right.

 Episode 4 dives deeper into the mysterious motivations of Robot. During the episode we see Robot take a blood sample of Rex-Plode. The surviving Mauler twin begins working on the cloning process, And by the end of the episode, we see Robot approach a tube containing some sort of partially-formed being, exposing the blood sample he’s pulled. “Finally, phase one begins,” Robot says.

Mark decides to chaperone NASA’s manned voyage after Omni-Man declines Cecil’s request. Once Mark reaches Mars, he screws up his mission (because of course he does). Invincible finds out the hard way that there’s life on Mars, but Cecil assures him that they shouldn’t be a problem since they live underground. However, Mark takes a nap and the crew is captured (kids, am I right?)  He now finds himself face to face with a group of shape shifting Martians, who seem to be upset about something. He also discovers creatures known as Sequids, a type of face attaching alien race.

The Martians are holding the four astronauts hostage. The Martian Emperor explains that the Sequids are parasitic, world destroying race that can become powerful if unified with the proper host. Without a host, however, they are scattered and weak. Because of this, the astronauts have been scheduled for immediate execution. Invincible saves the day, of course. He takes a rock as a souvenir. One of the astronauts is abandoned on Mars with a Sequid latched to his face, Not good.