*Warning: This article does contain spoilers.*

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Can you believe the season finale is here already? This show has been an emotional rollercoaster for us and Wanda. One thing is for certain, you can always count on Marvel Studios to emotionally traumatize you. In WandaVision Episode 8: “Previously On” – Review, Ms.Agatha All Along forced Wanda to relive several traumatizing life events that eventually brought her to a boiling point that created the hex. For the first time in the MCU, Wanda Maximoff was referred to as the scarlet witch. When Wanda created the hex, she had no idea of her potential. Agatha wanted her power because she felt like she could be more resourceful with them than Wanda.

  Agatha’s power to absorb life from other witches is no Hocus Pocus. As we saw in the previous episode, Agatha has a pretty dark past herself. To weaken Wanda, she freed the minds of the original residents of Westview. Overwhelmed by the response of the residents, she had a panic attack that nearly killed them. It was then that she realized how much her pain has inflicted them. The fight between Wanda and Agatha wasn’t as graphic as we’re used to seeing in Marvel films, but it was a great build-up to her transformation into the Scarlett witch. 

  As Agatha absorbed Wanda’s powers, Wanda began to look weak. Wanda learned how to cast the same spell that hindered her from using her powers in Agatha’s basement. Wanda remerged in a modified version of her comic book outfit, reabsorbed her powers, and defeated Agatha. Instead of turning her over to the authorities, Wanda decided to trap her in the role she has chosen for herself. Agatha became Agnes the nosy neighbor. I felt like Wanda did this because she has little respect for Agatha from showing her how dangerous she is. In the comics, Agatha shows Wanda Maximoff how to use her powers. This means that this won’t be the last of Agatha Harkness in the MCU. We know where to find her.

Source: Marvel Studios.

 Several fans suspected that Agatha’s husband, Ralph was Mephisto. This plot twist got juicy as we learned that the fake Pietro is actually Ralph Bohner. Agatha used her powers to get into the mind of Wanda and trap Monica in his man cave. Eventually, Monica was able to free herself in time to protect Billy and Tommy from the S.W.O.R.D. soldiers. We got a glimpse of how Monica’s travel through the hex altered her. Now, she is beyond bad a**. When the bullets went through her body without harming her, I thought of how good Captain Marvel 2 is going to be. Let’s not forget how Darcy showed up with her iconic phrase “Have fun in prison”.


Source: Marvel Studios.

The corrupted Hayward looked at Vison and saw dollar signs, but he is more human than all of them. Although Vision didn’t agree with what Wanda had done, he wasn’t going to let white vision hurt her. Their violent brawl leads to vision restoring white visions memory, which revived him.  I wondered how Wanda brought Vision into her made-up world when she didn’t retrieve his body from Hayward. In the most dramatic scene of this season, we saw Wanda tell vision that he is made of a piece of the mind stone that’s inside of her. This scene alone was enough to make me get the Kleenex. Wanda’s happy home was no more and the hex disappeared. At least this time she had the opportunity to have somewhat of a normal life, experience motherhood, and say goodbye to the love in her life.

  Don’t be afraid to be too careful while you’re watching the post-credit scenes of a Marvel movie or TV-Series. We’ve all had those moments when we would watch all of the credits so that we wouldn’t miss anything. Marvel Studios treated us to two post-credit scenes. In the first post-credit scene, Monica talked to an alien who was sent by a close friend of her mother. The rumor is that this close friend is none other than Nick Fury. Monica Rambeau’s new power has to be shown off in the next movie. I’m glad that Wandavision highlighter her character’s strength and potential. Wandavision could also be a set up for other appearances of Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis.  

In the second post-credit scene, we saw Wanda return to the place where she and Pietro were born. She projected a calm version of herself alone in a shack, while the spiritual version of herself studied the Darkhold. Ironically she is posed much like Doctor Strange when he is in a mystical trans. As she read, she heard the voices of Tommy and Billy. It will be interesting to see how this ties into Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse Of Madness. Agatha confirmed that Wanda is more powerful than Doctor Strange. There are also rumors online that the twins will be in the next movie. Comic fans there is hope, there might be a Mephisto after all.

  If Tommy and Billy are alive it can be a result of the fake Vision restoring the memory of the white vision. In another reality, Vision’s existence means that he and Wanda have kids. Let’s not jump the gun though, we still have a way to go before this movie is released and thankfully Marvel won’t keep us thirsty. Falcon and The Winter soldier will premier on March 19. We also still have the premier of Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the legend of the 10 rings, and The Eternals. Don’t count out these movies and shows because Marvel is still full of surprises. I’m excited for the next phase.

   I’ve loved WandaVision since the first episode. The change has been uncomfortable because our society has become so spoiled. Everything has become instant and convenient. Covid-19 has taught us how to slow down, cherish the small things, and the value of patients. In my opinion, WandaVision premiered during the best time. The first two episodes brought us back to simpler times to the craziness of modern-day society. This show also showcased the power of mental health. Wanda’s fight through her depression ended up becoming her greatest power. Marvel also brilliantly implemented elements of the original comics and fun Easter eggs. I strongly believe that this was the perfect setup for the upcoming movies. Even if you didn’t like the show, watching it will help you get a general idea of what’s to come. My love for this show might come off as annoying, but it’s genuinely how I feel.