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A magician to some, a powerful wizard to others, and others still call Merlin, also known as Myrddin in Welsh, a prophet. Merlin was Arthur’s tutor, mentor, and confidant who lead Arthur to become the King of Camelot. Merlin is also thought to be the last of the ancient Druids. He is known as a priest of nature, as well as a keeper of knowledge and arcane secrets. He was so much more than just the wise man of Camelot.

Merlin is said to be fathered by a demon of some sort, whether it’s an incubus or some other sort of demon is up for debate. It is said to be the reason for his vast magical powers. Merlin is able to see the future, shapeshift, cast powerful spells such as the sleep spell he is said to have cast on King Arthur, rather than allowing him to die. He is romantically linked with Nimue, Viviane, the Lady of the Lake, Gwendolen, Sebile (Cybel), and Morgan Le Fay.

Merlin, as stated above, was Arthur’s tutor, mentor, and wise man who was often sought out for his advice by Arthur and his men of the Round Table. It was in fact Merlin who directed Arthur to make a round table for the knights to sit at so all were viewed equally. He is also credited to, in some stories, with building Stonehenge as Arthur resting place when he died. He also did the spell for the sword and stone for Arthur to pull free when it was his time to rule.

Merlin’s story began in the year 1136. His story is still told today, eight hundred, eighty-five years later. He has grown and changed with the times. Sometimes he was almost as bad as the Devil himself, others he was simply a powerful sorcerer. He has even been a servant of God, connected to the Holy Grail. Merlin’s story will still be told in 2906, I am sure.

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