While The Game of Nerds may be the place where fans are safe to learn and talk about the fandoms they are obsessed with. This site is also the home to new and experienced writers who love writing about the nerd and entertainment world. This year, The Game of Nerds is focusing on helping writers and fans.

TGON offers budding authors a place where they can practice and hone their craft while learning about the ins and outs of entertainment writing and journalism. We are one of the few websites where contributing authors are free to publish without fees and write about what actually interests them. Unfamiliar with WordPress? Don’t worry, we can easily teach you. Need to learn the ins and outs of publishing professionally? We got you!

We are a passionate community of talented writers, artists, and filmmakers who specialize in bringing you all the latest news and entertainment, including film reviews, cosplaying content, convention experiences, and opinion pieces.

We firmly believe that everyone has the right to a safe space to express their opinions, so we do not tolerate any bullying, threats, or trolling on our platform.

Our contributors all started out as fans, simply writing passionately about the television shows, films, and games that they love. We’re just like you – we know exactly what details you need to know about your latest obsession! The Game Of Nerds was created by the fans, for the fans and we’re always looking for new contributors to add to our content.

As we like to say, when you play for The Game Of Nerds, you either level up or respawn. If you are interested in joining our team, you can find out more information here.