From epic space battles to exciting sporting action, the video gaming world is home to a host of great experiences these days.

However, while fresh innovations and gripping adventures are emerging all of the time on a range of devices, it does appear that some people still crave a little bit of old-school card-based action. This has been highlighted by recent news related to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, the mobile game related to the massive multimedia franchise.

Major success

Sites including have reported on Konami’s announcement that more than five billion duels have now taken place on the mobile card game since it was first released three years ago.

To mark the game reaching the milestone, the company behind it has confirmed that a special campaign is being launched. Play Five PvP Duels is set to run until the end of November and once it is complete around 1,000 winners are expected to be chosen randomly to get access to 750,000 Gems. adds that some log-in bonuses are also set to be offered in the coming weeks, with these including UR Ticket x 2 – 1 x Prismatic and 1 x Normal Foil Rarity. A reward of 500 Gems is also being given to those who log in between November 11th and the end of the year.

The news of the game’s milestone seems to suggest that it is building on the success it enjoyed as an offline pursuit. As the Guinness World Records site explains, Yu-Gi-Oh! was the basis of an event which was recognized as the biggest trading card game tournament ever. The site adds that, as of 2011, it was also seen as the best-selling trading card game with sales of more than 25 billion.

A new lease of life

With that in mind, it could be argued that Yu-Gi-Oh! is a prime example of how card games have been able to develop a whole new lease of life in the online world.Card games have a long history on electronic devices, with the likes of Solitaire and Freecell famously featuring on a number of products which have made use of the Windows operating system through the years. Furthermore, playing cards have a key role in many of the casino games which have enjoyed success online. As Legal Betting’s look at the best online casinos in the USA highlights, blackjack and poker have become an integral part of that world alongside other traditional experiences including roulette, craps and slots. In some cases, they have also been adapted into live dealer games, where the action is hosted by a real person on a video link. The variety of games on offer is tied in with casinos bonuses among other things to provide as enticing a package as possible. Another card game which is thriving in the digital world at present is Uno. The Google Play listing for the mobile version of the title explains how players can enjoy it in its classic format, while they can also change things up with house rules or modes like 2v2.

Remarkably, even fictional card games have found an audience as well. The Witcher has become a major Netflix hit in recent years and a game from the universe has been made available in the real world. As The Witcher Wiki on details, Gwent was originally featured in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt video game, but CD Projekt chose to then develop a standalone version of it.

Classic card-based action

All in all, while the gaming world offers so many great experiences these days, it seems like there is nothing quite like classic card-based action for some people.

Card games are clearly enjoying plenty of success in the digital space and it will be fascinating to see how the titles continue to develop in the years ahead.