Farming simulators have picked up hype in recent years, as noted by our favorites here. We know it is not easy to find gift items related to farming simulators, especially at big box stores. Show the virtual farmer in your life you care with some of these adorable gift ideas! These gifts range from merch from popular farming simulators such as Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley to IRL gardening. We’ve provided links to these creator’s Esty pages to share the love and make finding that perfect gift even more effortless.

We here at The Game of Nerds love supporting creators and gamers alike. That is why this holiday list is filled with items from small business owners, none of which have any deal with TGON for advertising. If any of these items are sold out at the time of purchase, let that be a testament to how awesome they truly are!

Stardew Valley Mug

virtual farmer gift
Source: ALovelyCraft

ALovelyCraft creates mugs for nearly every occasion; however, this coffee cup is perfect for the neighborhood virtual farmer! They also made a tea mug if that is more your style.

Stardew Valley Junimo Pot

virtual farmer gift
Source: NerdyPots

NerdyPots paints pots for many different fandoms, but this Junimo Pot is sure to get your virtual farmer down and dirty with their own garden.

Stardrop Saloon Shirt

virtual farmer gift
Source: NaturalTwentyApparel

NaturalTwentyApparel makes gear for many fandoms ranging from Dungeons and Dragons to Stardew Valley. Keep tourism alive with this Stardrop Saloon shirt.

Farming Lanyard

virtual farming gift
Source: radtastical

Radtastical created this farming lanyard to bring virtual farming out into the workplace or anywhere else lanyards are needed. They also specialize in pins, plushies, and masks from a wide range of fandoms.

Harvest Moon Enamel Pin

virtual farmer gift
Source: anewworldxtine

Anewworldxtine created this adorable Harvest Moon enamel pin, which is sure to make your virtual farmer squeal with glee. This shop also creates pins for Critical Role, Kingdom Hearts, and more!

Harvest Moon Hat

virtual farmer gift
Source: anewworldxtine

Anewworldxtine also crafted this Harvest Moon hat, which will shield the sun away from your virtual farmer while they tend to their crops.

Stardew Valley Fair Poster

virtual farmer gift
Source: AshleyMorganShop

This Stardew Valley fair poster created by AshleyMorganShop is sure to liven up any room and bring the Stardew Valley universe to life. They also make home décor in a variety of art styles and adorable Among Us stickers.

Virtual Farmer Sticker

virtual farmer gift
Source: LixxieBerry

This virtual farmer sticker created by LixxieBerry allows your gamer to display their title proudly on any surface! They also specialize in stickers relating to pop culture references and various fandoms.

Harvest Moon Blue Feather Card

virtual farmer gift
Source: cinnaghost

This blue feather card made by Cinnaghost shows your virtual farmer that you are serious about your relationship! Cinnaghost also makes stickers, cards, and paintings for various fandoms, including Kipo, Teen Titans, and more!

Personalized Gardening Seeds

virtual farming gift
Source: AbundantHarvestSeeds

Finally, AbundantHarvestSeeds, which specializes in seeds, creates personalized gift sets with your virtual farmer’s name on them! Their gift sets include over 12 varieties of plants and over 900 organic seeds.