This year has been a whirlwind of emotions and craziness and we spent the majority of it inside and stuck in front of screens. This was great news for nerds of all kinds and allowed for us to tune into new content. For me, I spent a lot of time discovering new YouTube creators. 

The new content I discovered ranges from PG to R and covers a range of topics from movie to paranormal. I personally enjoyed discovering new things to be excited about, especially in this year of isolation, where our normal nerd outlets have been put on pause. 

So, until we get to the other side of this, try binging Jaime French, Bailey Sarian, Christian Hull, Laura Clery, and Loey Lane. 

First off we have Jaime French. Rating PG. Minor Talk of heavy topics.

Jaime is a makeup artist, turned YouTuber. I discovered her when through her tiny face makeup challenge, which was later made into a Try Guys challenge. She has a new series on her channel in which, she reviews movies while she applies her makeup for that day. She doesn’t swear and makes her content as family-friendly as she possibly can. Though, prepare to have some of your favorite childhood movies get ruined. She recently reviewed the Lizzie McGuire movie and, boy did it ruin the magic for me. 

Aside from being funny, she is also real and down to earth. She addresses real-world issues through her viewing of nerdy content. I highly recommend her content. While she is family-friendly, I would take caution when viewing her channel videos with children and preview the videos first to judge for yourself. 

Next we have Bailey Sarian. Rating R. Adult Language and Topics 

If you are over the age of eighteen and are obsessed with true crime like me, Bailey is your girl. Sarian has taken the Get Ready With Me (GRWM) format and added a twist. She was the first makeup artist to combine nerdy topics with everyday routines. She is here most Mondays for Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Mondays where she covers true crime, paranormal, and general mystery each new episode. There are currently 80 episodes of MMMM. During the summer when there were about 70 episodes I binged all of them in a few days. 

Still from Bailey’s video, YouTube

Bailey also does general GRWM makeup routines and talks about her life and general topics. These are more family-friendly, though, proceed with caution. I recommend watching Bailey’s videos, because, while she covers sensitive topics she always addresses them with empathy. 

Christian Hull is definitely rated R. Christian is a comedian based out of Australia. He uses profanity and discusses adult topics, such as sex in his videos. So only watch his videos if you are not easily offended and are over the age of 18. My first Christian video was one in which he tested out 5-Minute crafts, which is known to pretty much anyone on the internet nowadays. By far my favorite series of videos from him is his Cole’s Minis saga, in which he tries to get all the mini grocery items from the grocery store Coles promotion. He also has a podcast, which he records videos for as well to upload to YouTube called Complete Drivel. Again, heavily rated R, but extremely hilarious. His laugh alone gets me giggling. 

Laura Clery Quarantine workout

Laura Clery, rating PG, is another family-friendly YouTuber that I discovered through her quarantine workout video as well as her English vs. British videos. Her husband is in front of the UK and they have made a few videos about the differences in vocabulary. Laura is an ex-drug addict, turned businesswoman. Clery has built an empire on the other side of the struggle, so she does a lot of content regarding mental illness and overall health. She doesn’t necessarily cover “nerdy” topics, but she is very nerdy in her own right. She uses her platform to teach and also to make people happy and laugh. I highly recommend her channel for family-friendly watching. 

Last but not least, is Loey Lane. Rating PG-13 /R. Another paranormal enthusiast Youtuber! I am obsessed with the paranormal so I am always looking for spooky content.  Loey covers creepy content from Tik Tok videos to Alternate Reality Games (ARGs). She also documents ghost hunts away from home as well as experiences she has in her own apartment and home. If you are looking more for beauty and fashion, she also has GRWM, fashion hauls, and body positivity content as well. I enjoy her content because I always end up creeped out in the end, and she genuinely gets creeped out right along with us. 

Most of these creators have been around for years, so there is plenty of content to binge-watch. Normally I am someone who sticks to what she knows, but i am so glad I extended my bubble this quarantine because I was able to laugh and be creeped out by new things. What kind of stuff are you guys discovering? Via Youtube or elsewhere. Let us know!