If you love comics or superheroes, we will give you one good piece of advice. Never argue with a die-hard Marvel universe fan about the causes or implications of infinity war, because you will never win this argument. Those who grew reading about colorful characters from this fictional universe hold them very dear to their hearts. They are like our imaginary friends with superpowers that come to our rescue when we need to escape this reality for a few hours. Millions of followers consider them an integral part of their childhood, and those who consider themselves true marvel fans cherish even less familiar but equally colorful characters. 

Swarm -The Nightmare Of Every Beekeeper Alive  

If you thought that Beta Ray Bill or Groot were strange characters, think again as you witness a swarm of angry bees heading your way. This guy is a nightmare of all people who love nature, hiking, or eating honey. We all had bad dreams about angry bees because of this guy.  

There is something very disturbing in the fact that thousands of tiny insects can be controlled by one consciousness and targeted against you. He was a perfect addition to a cast of villains that comic books enthusiasts were waiting for a long time. His abilities and adeptness make him an iconic figure and an antagonist that will continue to scare generations of children to come.

Squirrel Girl-Sweet And Furry But Deadly Teenage Girl

Every teenager who ever fantasized about having superpowers was probably imagining that he could fly or be invisible or shoot lasers with his eyes. We can bet that very few were craving to be a girl with a giant squirrel tail and giant teeth that can crack wood in an instant. However, among all heroes and villains of this universe, she managed to win our hearts with her lighthearted nature.

Her eagerness to help and bond with others made her an easy character to relate with, especially for young teenagers who want to fit in and find new friends. She also possesses some cool abilities plus a temperament of a moody teenager that doesn’t like rules and restrictions. That is why we continue to love her.

Gambler – Cunning Criminal Who Fancies A Good Wager 

Here is a character one can relate to every time he steps into an online casino and starts a gambling session. Although he is an expert gambler, he is also a ruthless villain who likes making a wager out of every heist or mischief he plans to achieve. You might also be an expert gambler, but next time you plan on finding an honest casino, check the 22bet online casino review list which will save you a lot of time. One can’t go wrong with 22bet if he is looking for decent gaming sites, as finding those is becoming increasingly hard. 

The gambler does not have a problem with finding some good casino, he has a problem staying out of trouble. He cannot resist risking everything and going all-in with everything he does. That is why he is a favorite among Marvel fans who happen to like gambling from time to time. His demise may even have some positive impact on those who are yet to discover what responsible gaming is all about. 

Howard the Duck- A Quack-Fu Duck Lost In Our Universe 

In this sea of bizarre marvel characters, this duck-like creature holds some special place and not just because he looks like Donald Duck’s younger brother. Any talking duck would quickly melt our hearts with its raspy voice and slick kung-fu moves. He also happens to be well-read and sophisticated which makes him some great dinner company, as long as you are not serving roasted duck for dinner. 

This friendly duck will charm you and be your best friend when you need him. He will protect you against hooligans or brutes who are trying to take advantage of you. Those are the reasons why he is one of the most beloved characters in this whole marvel universe. 

 Wade Wilson AKA Mr. Deadpool

Everyone’s favorite antihero is more popular than ever thanks to his successful movie franchise. Among all weird heroes and villains created by marvel, he is the one that most of us would like to hang out with. He is a free spirit who doesn’t care about rules, he administers his own justice plus he is very funny. 

We maybe forgot to mention that he can be a little psychotic occasionally, but if you are on good terms with him there is nothing to worry about. This hero just wants to be accepted for what he is, a psychotic killer with some good sense of humor. Who are we to judge him? 

There are so many more exciting characters coming from this universe. Some of them stuck with us while others became obsolete after a while. Only those bravest and weirdest survive and prosper in this cut-throat world of heroes and villains. All that diversity of characters with different skills or appearances reminds us that we need to embrace our differences and tolerate each other. Without all that diversity, our world plus our imagination wouldn’t be so wonderful or creative as it is.