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Nu Wa, also known as Nuwa or Nu Gua (Nu Kau), is THE Chinese Mother Goddess. As in the mother of all humans. She also repaired the Pillars of Heaven and is Patroness of Matchmakers. Wahuang is her reverent name. She is said to be the first being to be able to give life. She has been said to have the upper body of a woman and the lower half of a fish or snake.

Nu Wa’s mother is Huaxu, a Chinese Goddess. Her father is Leigong, God of Thunder. Ancient China was a matriarchal society. Therefore, Nu Wa being the mother Goddess that she is, she was given special awe and worship. Her brother, Fu Xi, is also her husband. They rule together. I would name her children but the list is lengthy, considering that every human from the dawn of man to the present day is her progeny.

Nu Wa, as I said earlier, is the Patroness of Matchmakers. She set what is to be normal for marriage. She established what it means to be a wife as well as what it means to be a husband. Nu Wa regulated how men and women act with each other as well as the role of the go-betweens.

Not only is Nu Wa the creator of humankind and our world, but she is also the savior of it. The Earth wasn’t covered by Heaven and the Earth didn’t securely hold up Heaven. This created inextinguishable fires, uncontrollable flooding, and rampaging animals ate people without care. Nu Wa used the legs or a tortoise to make the pillars. She used stones of five colors to patch the sky, killed the black dragon, and made reed piles and cinders, and got rid of the threat of animals.

Nu Wa is an incredible Goddess. As with any creation deity, they also possess the juice to kill. What are your thoughts on a creation God or Goddess being in a game like Smite? What do you think of Nu Wa? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…