Pirates of Leviathan Episode 5 Ending

The previous episode of Pirates of Leviathan left us viewers on the edge of our seats. We rounded the corner of our epic battle between the Buccaneer Buddies and the nefarious Crescent Moon Trading Company. A fierce storm was looming over Leviathan as the druids attempted to appease their storm god and return his daughter to him. Sunny, Jack, and Myrtle sent Clive McDoon to his untimely demise while Bob, Cheese, and Marcid dispatched various baddies. All that was left for the crew to do was stop the druids and Langley before they destroyed Leviathan.

pirates of leviathan
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Pirates of Leviathan Episode 6 Ending

As the end of the battle drew near, Sunny and Tulwar continued wailing on the soldiers inside the Ramble while Bob flew up to the roof. Marcid met Langley in the attic, and their combat ensued. As Langley’s sword struck Marcid, the warding bond caused Myrtle to collapse. Jack saw this, and with power he never knew he possessed, saved Myrtle’s life. Bob took this opportunity to inflict wounds on Alamaria, causing her to fall with her remains turning into fireworks. As the Daughter of Storms flew out of her hand, Cheese stopped it from flying off the building as Marcid took care of Langley. After the most epic battle in Leviathan since Bill Seacaster’s day, the town celebrated the win of our Buccaneer Buddies.

Character Wrap Ups

Jack Brakkow

During the battle, Myrtle used destroy undead to take out the remaining skeletons on the roof. During this time, Jack’s crew was able to see the doorway to the afterlife. Following the chaos, Jack released them to the next chapter of their journey. Afterward, the crew had one last surprise and brought forth Jack’s deceased parents. Finally, after a heartfelt goodbye, Jack returned to the group, flirted with Garthy O’Brien, and agreed to be Cheese’s crew captain on the voyage to save Cheese’s brother.

Marcid the Typhoon

Meanwhile, Marcid found himself talking to Tulwar in which he was urged to join Cheese on his mission. Tulwar explained that not many pirates have the skills necessary to handle themselves in a fight and understand a contract. After speaking with Jack about his upcoming plans, Marcid took some coins he recovered from the Ramble and gave them to the Kenku family he met at the beginning of the campaign. Marcid’s trident, Alycon, also spoke with him about his fear of the water before making out with Stimey. Marcid is now ready to join a crew without the fear that bogged him down.

Sunny Biscotto

After the battle, Sunny was bombarded with praise from the elder pirates for saving her mentor. She would find her family to explain that she wasn’t missing, but they found her first. Sunny explained that she didn’t follow the same god as her family and enjoyed being a pirate. This allowed her siblings to speak up about their thoughts on religion as well as their sexual orientation. The news came as a shock to Mr. and Mrs. Biscotto; however, they accepted their daughter’s desire to venture on with her newfound friends.

Barbarella “Bob” Sasparilla Gainglynn

As Myrtle restored the souls to the teiflings, Bob relished that she saved her best friend, Trixie. The two shared a loving embrace and exclaimed the downsides to dating men named Clive. After the celebration, Bob spoke with her mother. Bob sang the tale of the Buccaneer Buddies, and her pirate father emerged from the starry sea. The family was briefly reunited before Bob sent sail on her adventure with her new crew.

Myrtle the Bitch

As the fight came to an end, Myrtle kissed Marcid before releasing the souls of the tieflings. The process of scooping the souls out of the lamps took awhile, but Myrtle did so expertly. After the deed was done, she felt a pull to the ocean. Umberlee spoke with Myrtle about discarding the Daughter of Storms and the remaining druids, asking her to destroy them. Myrtle eagerly accepted this mission and told Cheese she would join his crew.

Cheese Stormcrank

Finally, after saving Leviathan from the Crescent Moon Trading Company, Cheese was offered a ship to sail to the Forest of the Nightmare King. It is there that he will find his brother, take out the storm druids, and be able to start a new life. The night before the ship was set to sail, Cheese met the infamous Ayda Aguefort. Ayda reminded Cheese of his courage, gave him a thick spellbook, and used her magic to cloak him from his biological family. On his new ship dubbed the Harvest Moon, Cheese set out to find his brother with his newfound family.