As we are well aware Virginia is insane, she has a little community of all the people who can’t seem to follow the rules. She makes them try to prove themselves by killing a bunch of whatever is inside a warehouse. The walkers and such inside are all sticky and the walkers kill the two rangers and all the prisoners except one who was a smart enough coward to run away.

Strand and Alicia are paired up, they are on poop removal duty, and one of the rangers gets mouthy with Strand who won’t stand for it. He is about to get in trouble when someone, who we learn is Dakota, tells them to leave (Strand and Alicia) alone. They get marched into town to talk with Virginia, which is the first time they were allowed in town. Shocker alert, Daniel Salazar is inside the town and cutting Virginia’s hair, he looks good, though a bit out there. He doesn’t remember who he was, Strand or Alicia, or does he?

Colby Minifie as Virginia- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

The pair are sent out to the warehouse camp for all of the problem people. They are up to try to clear the warehouse, Charlie and Janis are both there as well, Strand and Alicia ask for some more weapons if they are going to knock out this warehouse. Asking for more weapons is a very reasonable request, when the truck gets back with some weapons it also has Dakota inside, she came to talk with Strand and Alicia, saying she knows who they are, and she believes inside the warehouse is a weapon that Virginia wants to use to kill someone, which is the reason she keeps throwing bodies at it.

Strand would like to take out the guards and flee the place, Alicia thinks that is it best if they clear the warehouse and get the weapon. Strand reluctantly goes along with the plan, the plan is to have a chute from the warehouse door down to the ground level, with a group of people stabbing the walkers and then pulling them to the aside and the next group is up. Sanja, the name of the man who ran away in the opening segment, was on the door duty but he abandoned his post when they needed the door to come down to stop the walker flow. Dakota saves Charlie, and a couple of rangers arrive to get Dakota, Dakota doesn’t want to go back and tells the rangers they can’t touch her. Strand quick on his feet tells everyone to let the walkers come and everyone grab their weapons, it’s either the rangers kill walkers with the guns, or they get overrun and more rangers are gone, and guns are available. The rangers are pretty crappy and die very quickly, but Strand and Dakota are cut off and head to the RV, where the coward Sanja is hanging out. Strand tells Sanja to follow him, cuts his guts out, and feeds him to the walkers. His diversion is enough for Alicia and Janis to get the guns and take out all walkers, Strand is pretty quick to say that Sonja gave himself up to the walkers for everyone.

Turns out the warehouse didn’t have anything useable, and Virginia and the rangers are there to get Dakota back, they realize they have to give themselves up, Strand tries to take the blame for everything, but it turns out that Virginia was looking for people to lead, and that he is the treasure since he was able to do what nobody else could and that is lead a group to clear the warehouse. This group is now a little army that Strand can call up whenever he chooses, and he can decide who goes and does what, he has Janis stay to do laundry, he sends Alicia and Charlie far away from him because he thinks that Alicia stands in his way from being who he needs to be to survive, he doesn’t want to bring her down, another brief tidbit is Charlie tried to use music to get Daniel Salazar to remember but it didn’t work.

Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Daniel is staying somewhere called Paradise Ridge and is about to head off with a ranger before Strand tells him he is envious that he can’t remember anything. Daniel and the ranger start to head off, Daniel whistles and hear a faint whistle back, he tells the ranger he needs his good scissors or haircuts will take twice as long, Daniel whistles again and hears the echo, a walker comes out and is smashed in the head by a now-familiar ax. Daniel says, “much-obliged friend, that is if you are a friend.” Morgan responds, “you know I am Daniel.” Daniel cuts his act telling him it’s good to see him and he thought it was you Virginia is going after. Morgan tells Daniel he will need his help as the two shake hands. Virginia and everyone else is in some serious trouble if Daniel and Morgan are working together. I love it!