There is just so much going on in this show. On top of all the drama with Laurel and Vivian, let’s throw in another new case starring with Michaela. Is this Annalise being guilt tripped into letting Michaela take the case especially when we know how she feels about Annalise. I just don’t understand why Annalise deals with those kids. They constantly dog her every chance they get and are ready to turn on her at every second. Everyone except Bonnie and Frank. In between all of that, Frank is searching for Laurel and finding clues but getting no where. Frank’s latest clue is a safety deposit box key that leads him to someone who may know where she is. And he enlists Oliver’s help. Oliver and Frank have a mini heart to heart about Frank’s feelings for Bonnie and Laurel. But Oliver can’t understand why Frank chose Laurel. And I guess his obsessive need to find her.

Connor has made a huge mistake, he decided to take his client to see him mother. That wouldn’t be so bad except he took the boy across state lines. And this is a case of ICE and undocumented immigrants. Connor is letting his feelings get involved in the case and doing things he has no business doing. That isn’t going to blow up in his face or affect his case at all. Then, Michaela got more charges added to her clients case and this time it is murder. As usual everyone is looking to Annalise for help, answers, or to to do their work for them as per the usual. Tegan, who has been feeling the pressures and tries to seek a friend in Annalise but as we know she has already has a lot to deal with as usual. But somehow everything seems to work out because Annalise helped Michaela to see what route she needed to take to win the case. Turns out the DA doesn’t want their client to sue the state for the death of her boyfriend. Michaela keeps acting like she knows more than everyone including the judge. And because she was so passionate about the case, Vivian has questions, of course.

Everyone learns that Bonnie got fired for trying to help Annalise and they find out that Vivian is working for the FBI, but we already knew that. That is why all that information came out about Gabriel. So, to add more fuel to the fire, Vivian gives Gabriel some tapes of Annalise’s sessions with Sam. They FBI threatens Vivian but she clearly doesn’t want to work for them anymore because of Gabriel and his crimes.

So, once again everyone is a murderer except the one who is protecting everyone. Shoot, even Michaela asked that question. And if I were her I would have left long ago. But she stays is it out of guilt? I mean that is the reason all of this initially started because Annalise felt some type of way about getting his mom killed. That is why Wes ended up at that college in the first place. Then Sam is killed, so I understand why she tried to protect Wes, but the rest of those ungrateful kids don’t deserve it. At least not at this stage in the show.

In the last few minutes of the show we flash forward to the current state of affairs. Asher is dead and the gang is arrested for his murder. The same FBI is trying to get to Annalise. And the best way to do that is to start breaking down the gang little by little. All we know so far is that Asher is dead, but who killed him, we don’t know yet. In the meantime, we will jump back and forth between the past and the future. In the end Michaela won her case and Conor messed up big time. But that is not compared to what is going on around them. Other changes to note are the fact that Bonnie now works for C&G.