So, as we know this is the final season of this crazy, rollercoaster of a show. Viola Davis has definitely made a name for herself in these 6 seasons. And so did the kid from the Harry Potter movies, even though his run was a short one. Kind of almost sad to see it go and here’s hoping we have an ending befitting of the show and the characters portrayed. Unlike another show that must not be named. (YUP! still bitter). Anywho. let’s get right into it. Especially since we haven’t had a show review in a while (I apologize, cause life). Last season ended with Annalise and Laurel confronting her brother and then Laurel disappears from sight and Annalise is left screaming her name on the street. Oh and Emmett is dead, and who might have killed him?

We have had some character development throughout the last 6 seasons, we have also lost some characters. But honestly who is more annoying than Michaela. She has been on a downward spiral since she and Asher broke up. And the entire crew always manages to blame Annalise for all the bad things that happen. Which I honestly don’t get because what is Annalise would have just told on Wes from the jump, but I mean we get why she tried to save him. In the end, it all backfired on her. And season 6 starts off with Annalise presumably in rehab having flashbacks no less of Laurel. So, now the question is where are Christopher and Laurel?

Now, everyone has to deal with the aftermath. Everyone is blaming everyone, accusing everyone, you get a sense that it’s coming to ahead. Annalist is trying to cope with her addiction and the crew wonders where Laurel has gone. Connor is still trying to figure out why Annalise picked him. Why it matters at this point is a mystery to me. You would think that that would be enough to occupy everyone, but no. There is still the high school drama going on in the background. The Asher, Michaela, Gabriel love triangle I am over it. Bonnie and Frank need to either get together or just stay away from each other. I don’t know, it’s boring. She was at her best when she was with Asher.

Needless to say, Laurel was the one who drove Annalise to drink again because she blames herself. Hence, rehab. In walks Nate and he is still trying to get justice or vengeance or revenge for his father, I am not exactly sure. Meanwhile, Tegan gets Emmett’s job. And Nate is still suspicious of her too. I feel like he might be lowkey jealous of her because he can sense or knows that she gotta thang for Annalise. I think his character could be written out. Like he serves no purpose other than his own.

Michaela and Gabriel finally get closer, but who knows how that will end. And we finally meet his mom. Annalise teaches the kids some tactics she learned after she left rehab and Frank, is well doing what Frank does best. Everyone is trying to let go and move on but how can they when not one of them will take responsibility for their own actions and just blame Annalise for everything. Laurel’s disappearance has affected everyone in a bad way. There is doubt and blame and discord among them. Flash to a bloody poker, and a funeral. Fantasy or reality. We’ll find out next episode.