San Diego ComicCon 2020 has arrived in all its nerdy and online glory. Undaunted by the challenges of 2020, the day for Star Trek saw some fun panels, a few cool announcements, and tidbits… not to mention a few surprises. Set your phasers to stun, because the walls are falling at Tenagra, and we have Sir Patrick live!

Screen capture of CBS YouTube broadcast

Picard Panel

This was a real treat and probably the panel I got absorbed by the most. I could watch Patrick Stewart eat toast. The panel included beloved cast members from Picard and The Next Generation, namely Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, and Brent Spiner. They talked about their experiences in making season 1 and touched on season 2 a bit. It’s one of the longer of the panels, but if you’re team Picard like me, it’s well worth the watch:

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Not much info was given, but a solid glimmer of hope for this ambitious and intriguing upcoming series. The series looks to shed light on Captain Kirk’s predecessor, Captain Pike, and her time in command of the USS Enterprise. Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman stated:

The room has started. There are 10 stories broken, which is very exciting. They are just sort of at the beginning. But it was one of those shows that I think everybody came in with such enthusiasm and so much love.

He also mentioned that work began a year ago, keeping tight-lipped amidst some pretty accurate speculation, given what we know now. The rest remains to be revealed, but not a bad update, all things considered.

Star Trek Prodigy:

Source: Nickelodeon & Star Trek 

Nothing more than a logo was shown of the upcoming 2021 kids show, Star Trek Prodigy. The series is said to be focused on a group of unruly teens who have stolen a fleet worth of ships. This appears to be aimed at the younger crowd, bringing Star Trek to a whole new generation of little nerds! Neat!

Star Trek: Lower Decks

I love the premise of this show. Mixing a little bit of Family Guy with Futurama, ST: Lower Decks gives us a look into the lives of Red Shirts, and everything that comes with that. There’s a lot to laugh at in the final frontier :


There was an excellent table read of the season 2 finale of Discovery that is definitely worth checking out for yourself. The youtube feed was cut abruptly due to a Copywrite complaint from CBS itself, obviously a mistake, which cut off the first 15 minutes of the stream. All in all, Star Trek was able to deliver a pretty cool panel. Tiny technical hiccup aside, the convention must go on, especially for Trekkies. Live long and prosper!