The Geeky Books You Don’t Want to Miss On

In the age of electronics, books are a bit of an acquired taste. Yet, they are the only legal mind-expanding substance you can get your hands on today and, if you push past the urge to put them down, you will find a universe of opportunities. Whether you are reading about how to be better at blackjack online for fun or money, or perhaps why the stars twinkle and the sky is necessarily blue, books can provide you with a lot of information.

But far more importantly, they provide you with structured, well-organized information, unlike what we see today in our age of tweets, unverified information, and media generally placed out of context. Books are an escape, but a worthy one, too. Well, we won’t tip you on how to be better at online blackjack, but we will impart onto you the best geeky books you probably should give a try to.

  1. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Series

There is hardly another book series that has brought so many people so much joy. The Discworld Series are quick, witty, and touching. The more you read Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, the more references you can discover. Returning to the books years after reading them the first, fifth, or tenth time will still give you joy and something new to tickle your fancy.

Then again, the books are immensely funny, offering cool jokes, believable characters, and perhaps just a bit of drama. You will find all you need to know about magic, philosophy, and deities who regard humanity as a practice range at which they can hurl thunderbolts. The Discworld universe is vast and the legacy it has spawned is overwhelming and certainly going to last.

There is no going wrong with picking up the Discworld series today, and so you should give them an honest shot.

    2. The Lord of the Rings

If you have seen Peter Jackson’s movies, Lord of the Rings is imbued into your very fabric. Yet, many people agree that reading the books first creates a hype that you simply cannot resist seeing after in the movies.

The Lord of the Ring books are definitely a defining chapter of fantasy and they must be on your reading list. No matter how old you are just yet, reliving the adventures of Gimli and Aragorn, Samwise and Frodo are always an amazing part of the experience. The books are a little heavier in terms of language, but they offer one of the best fantasy narratives you can enjoy.

   3. A Game of Thrones

One of the darkest and most complex series of our time remains A Game of Thrones, a pantheon of fantasy so dark and so vast, that it would take you months to waddle through it the first time. Yet, the cult the books have spawned has been highly satisfying and the TV adaptation has attested to that.

Of course, not every fan of the books has been head-over-heels about the TV series, with many sticking to the books instead. George R.R. Martin has definitely poured his heart in the books, which explains why they have been acclaimed.

With dozens of books now available, your reading pleasures can be uninterrupted for weeks to come if you choose to dig deep in the political plotting of Westeros and explore an amazing world not entirely unlike ours.

   4. Narnia, Captivating and Amazing

Fantasy need not be dark to capture the imagination. This is precisely what you can expect to find in Narnia, a fantasy series that has defined generations. True, some may find it too childish, but as all work of fantasy, the books touch the child in us, making us believe in an alternative world where chivalry is still alive and good ultimately triumphs over evil despite the hardship. Narnia is one of the books you wouldn’t want to miss out reading on, so don’t hesitate to snap your copy from your library.