This week we dive headfirst into the episode with the long-awaited return of none other than Plum Chatwin – who finally makes an appearance back to Brakebills after having disappeared once she ripped off the blocker safety patch from her neck. This heavenly action prompts a Time Travel Episode* Penny, in attempting to teach Plum how to travel solo and with others. Starting slowly, they attempt to simply travel a few feet within one of the Brakebills classrooms successfully… only they wind up several decades in the past. Travelling doesn’t seem to be a problem… but capturing what time period and year to travel to becomes the issue… But we’re not complaining – everyone loves a bit of Time Travel. We also meet an age-old pervert that they bump into casually  – knowing that he has access to the Astral Plane. There is some highly entertaining and pointed casual racism that the pair now have to deal with on their endeavors… One man in particular – gloriously named “Hymen”, who in a hundred or so years (we hear) turns out to be a great guy but didn’t exactly start out that way…


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They wind up finding an item that keeps a body in stasis – meaning that if they use it on Hymen and hide his body – it should be there when they get back to their own timeline. Resulting in some standard Time Travel discussions..


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Alice goes searching to continue her quest for information about the World Seed. Winding up in the Library, only to find that all is not as it appears.. Her and Kady were in a simulation run by The Couple, Alice wakes from the simulation and surrenders the page after one half of the couple cut off three of her fingers and threatened to kill Kady.

Meanwhile Margo and Fen escape through the clock back to earth, only to find a tongue-twisted Christopher Plover – and even more enjoyable, Margo lent her fairy eye to Josh so that she could literally and metaphorically keep an eye on him. This series really can be so damn poetic. Safe to say we are gonna miss this show – this being the last season The Magicians will have we intend to enjoy and savor every last bit. Once his tongue-twister possession ends he tells them the real story behind the dark king; and ultimately his identity =


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Elliot and Julia wind up caught by the Dark King and his cronies after their attempt to kill Seb and run away from the castle. Julia, now heavily pregnant from Red Monkey Month and they are in surprisingly chipper moods. The aforementioned King makes an appearance at their cell, unexpectedly, he requires their help. He uses Elliot as a conduit during a séance to temporarily revive his long lost love. Telling him to wait by the door in the Underworld, that he has a plan for them to be together. Which realistically can only spell doom for the rest of the multiverse..