No need to continue what’s going on everywhere, but scheduled for Emerald City Comic Con was the first big party gathering for Figpin, it was going to be called Awesomefest. They had 350 bundles to be given out and who knows what else was supposed to happen. But with the cancellation of things they let everyone after a delay that the packages would go out. I received mine recently so let’s dig in on what you got or need to look out for. A lot of people seem a bit let down, which was always going to happen as everyone has ideas in their head of what should be in the bundle, I had no set ideas so I was pretty indifferent.

So first off was DC’s Wonder Woman from the Justice League movie. It is a very nice colorful design.


Justice League’s Wonder Woman Photo Credit: Jon Hicks, The Game of Nerds

Next up was something extremely massive! GODZILLA!


Godzilla casually eating a train. Just another day in the life of the big guy. This one of the XL pins and it is very large and very heavy. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks, The Game of Nerds

Next up was Bruce Lee, always a fan favorite.


Bruce Lee ready to fight off anyone that tries to say this bundle wasn’t that great. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks, The Game of Nerds

A lot of people were thinking some sort of anime pin would be apart of the bundle. People were right, but many were hoping for something from My Hero Academia, or at the very least not something that was a mini which is what we got with Goku.


The pin is nice in that it is a different color scheme. Score wise this one was my best pin which is nice. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks, The Game of Nerds

Everyone also got one extra pin, and those who didn’t end up buying the bundle(after having the tickets to the event cancelled) still would have received free this logo pin.


Figpin Awesomefest 2020 logo pin went out to everyone. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks, The Game of Nerds

People had bundles that bought tickets from the event, while others were able to get them off of the store after the fact. One extra item was included in some bundles, which they probably should have given first right to those that already bought the tickets ahead of time, but didn’t. I did not receive the item, which is fine, it was some sort of custom display base for the logo pin. For all these pictures I used a different display stand I had from collecting cards.