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How nerdy are you? Are you nerdy enough to decorate your home that way? Do you need some inspiration? Do you need to know where to find it? Look no further! I can help! The best thing about this list is you can purchase any of the items without leaving your home like apartments near Chicago. Handy in our current situation, eh? All of the things on my list can be found on Amazon. I personally love all of these and would totally sport them in my own home.

A Zelda key rack $24.99

A pillow to use while console gaming $9.96

When cooking your favorite intergalactic dish, use these $17.99

A Ravenclaw throw $35.49

While entertaining, show off your love of The Game Of Thrones with these $9.88

Show someone some Mario love with this gift set $15.99

Smell your favorite movies and TV with these candles. There are scents like Butterbeer, Janeway’s coffee, the Shire, Dean’s Apple Pie, and more. You get a set of three in your order and you get to chose which ones. $45

If you like the Sharknado movies, you’ll love this toilet paper holder! $34.90

Which one is your favorite? Mine is the candle set. Remember, all of these can be found on Amazon and you can click the link in the article and be taken right to it so you can purchase it from here. Til next week…