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Welcome to the Ultimate Binge List of Films – this is a perfectly refined top list of films to dive into now that you have nothing but free time. Educate your minds, intrigue them, fascinate them, puzzle and confound them – and above all… entertain them!

Looking for some epic films to watch during quarantine? Then look no further. This article is specifically on films/ movies – in another, I’ll break down a huge badass list of tv series to dive into with your nearly unlimited free time. If you’re trapped at home and can’t go out and experience the world as you normally would. On top of spending potentially too much time with your loved ones.. something to break the tension or bring you together without painful amounts of conversation. Then Tv and film binges are definitely the way to go. Even if it’s just nighttime viewings. Though you’d be surprised how enjoyable couch days can be – bring down several duvets – lighting the fire – make some epic snacks – possibly some layered nachos… And dive into the series and film franchises that you’ve always had on your list but never realty had the time to actually sit down to without massive amounts of guilt occurring in your heads.

This is the time to be the partially lazy cocoon-wrapped toasty bun you’ve always wanted to be. If there have always been films or series that you’ve “never had the time to watch” well then, my friend you have literally just been handed a golden opportunity. And if you’re not entirely sure what to check out during your free time courtesy of the Corona-virus – then have a read below and find something to suit your mood. For the first time in the world’s history, we can actually do genuine good to the world and the health of ourselves and others by living on your couch and endlessly watching and binging films and series, every stoner’s motherfu*king dream. It’s the opposite of difficult – for the benefit of the whole planet you’re allowed, and actually encouraged to sit your ass down and do some mad binging.

First off we’ve got Anime & Animated. For the anime films on this list – of which there is few, these are undeniably great films – even if you’re not a huge fan of Anime, you will adore these films.

Secondly, we have a shortlist of Tim Burton’s Best Creations. Though I am a huge Burton fan there are absolutely several of his that are not worth watching, but that doesn’t do anything to diminish these diamonds here:

Next up we have the Coming of Age films, and in this category we have an incredible range, from awkward teens figuring out their lives at high school to twenty-somethings who try and plot their paths out of hedonism, to adolescent zombie’s trying to figure out their place in the world.

Then we dive into these Timeless Classics, which truthfully need no introduction – all of these are up there with the top 2% of films ever crafted by us mere mortals. The coup de gras, the piece de resistance of the whole wonderful world of film.

Now, these films are a shortlist of Heavenly Stoner films, not all in the traditional sense but all of them are divine to watch with a few lil joints. And on a side note – this current crazy turn that the world has taken, has allowed others to dive into a binging lifestyle – something that the worlds stoners have pretty much been practicing for their whole lives, now is literally Our Time!!