For a while all I was a writer with nowhere to be active. I wanted a meaningful place to write and be heard. I didn’t want to fall into being a technical writer writing content I wasn’t 100% behind. I love to be creative both in my home life and in my writing. The Game of Nerds gave me a home to write to my heart’s content.

I was over the moon to have a place to be active, appreciated and cheered on. There are definite perks to being a writer for TGON. The biggest perk is I am published as frequently as I want, usually, for me, that means a couple times each week. I get my voice out there for everyone to hear. Plus I get to write on what I like and not what I am told which gives me larger freedom to be creative. For those who struggle with coming up with topics, there is always a list of shows or movies to write on each week that still needed to be covered. This helps when the writing block becomes too much and I need something new to write about. How many people can say that?

Another perk is getting into Comic Cons. In the last couple of years, I have been blessed enough to get into Emerald City Comic Con with a press pass. It allowed me to go to my first ever Comic-Con and even interview some of my idols. I was so giddy it was ridiculous. I dressed up last year as Anita Blake but I don’t think anyone got it. This year I am dressing up again, but you’ll have to tune in later to see what it is.

All that being said, I have the best boss in the entire world, Shannon Parola. Yes, I have weekly responsibilities. However, if I need a break, I can request it. As someone with chronic illness,  I have had multiple surgeries and other procedures done while working at TGON. I have been blessed that my boss has my best interest at heart and will help by always working with me. She works with me to meets everyone’s needs. She understands the rigor of daily life but how important having an outlet like this is extremely important. Again, how many people can say that?

I find my work at TGON to be immensely rewarding. I get to write on stuff I love like The Dresden Files, Anita Blake, Merry Gentry, Lucifer (the TV show) and many other things.  I definitely encourage you to check out the site. We have something for everyone. I get to have fun. I love reading my co-worker’s writing. I get to watch TV, movies and read books to write my stuff. How cool is that?

Needless to say, I love working at TGON. If you want to have the same fun job and be as cool as me while letting your nerd flag fly, apply at TGON. We are always looking for skilled writers that are passionate about a fandom. You can contact me or Shannon at any time for more information or you can check out our Write for Us page! Please come and join us! Til next week…

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