We open to Nancy thinking out loud. She is interrupted by Bess. Bess is over to raid Nancy’s closet in preparation for the meeting with Amya. Nancy thinks that Lucy’s mom might be involved with Lucy’s murder somehow.

Nancy tries approaching Lucy’s brother for help to talk to their mother. Unfortunately, he is of little help because his mother had a stroke shortly after Lucy’s death. Bess talks to Ace before her meeting. Bess is stressed and Ace helps ground her a bit. Nancy finds out that Nick bought the Claw as she goes in to ask for help. George and Nick go help her break into a mental hospital and find Lucy’s mom. I think they let out some ghosts.

Source Nerds and Beyond

Once they successfully get into the wing they find they cannot communicate with each other over the phone but decide to split up anyway. Ace gets a call from Mr. Drew for Nancy. He thinks he is marked for death in the prison (he’s not wrong) and that it’s happening by tonight. Ace goes after every one to try and get to Nancy. Nancy gets caught.

Nancy is able to convince the guy that caught her that she is a reporter. He believes she is there to get information about the haunting. She doesn’t correct him. She does, however, listen closely to what he says. I was wrong. Ace’s plan, after talking to Ryan Hudson, is to break Mr. Drew out of jail. And take him home. Nancy found Lucy’s mom.

Source Nerds and Beyond

Since Ace’s brilliant plan was to take Mr. Drew home, it isn’t long before the police are outside. When Ace won’t give Carson the phone he decides to help Ace get what is needed. Bess, on the other hand, is holding her own with Amya. She confronts Ryan and tells him, the Marvin Family will owe him a favor. Nancy, George, and Nick all find each other again. They notice the telltale signs of a haunting and go looking for the orderly who Nancy had spoken to before. They learn more about the history of the house and haunting. Nancy is going into the heart of the haunting to get what is needed to help her dad.

Does Nancy make it through? What happens to Carson and Ace? Let me know what you think of the episode in the comments below. Til next week…

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