Dracula wakes up one hundred twenty-three years later with Van Helsing waiting. He coped spectacularly. He shot and killed an agent there when he landed onshore. He escaped by turning into a bunch of bats. Dracula is in a home of some unknown woman when Zoe Van Helsing shows up and “captures” Dracula. Zoe looks exactly like Agatha. His blood, however, made Dracula throw up.

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He is taken to an installaton that has Jonathan Harker’s painted portrait hung where he can see it. The Jonathan Harker is calling Jack’s cell phone. Jack doesn’t answer the call but does answer Lucy’s and accepts her invite to the club. Harker is insistant and continues to call. After that, Jack goes to the installation and enters a program. It is the Jonathan Harker Foundation.

Dracula is to be trapped, studied, understood and humanely fed. Dracula of course does not plan to knuckle under because he is a five hundred year old warlord. He seems to be give her a clue. Of course it’s about blood. He thinks she had cancer. In the middle of the talk a Frank Renfield shows up. He is Dracula’s lawyer and springs him from the trap. Zoe drinks Dracula’s blood from the vial she got and Dracula meets Lucy.

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Renfield very much looks like his roll in the Bram Stoker’s Dracula minus the bards from him being in an Asylum. This incarnation of Renfield is just as disheveled and doing his “Dark Lord”’s bidding. Even eating flies. Lucy on the other had is cheating on her fiancee with Dracula. She lets him feed on her sometimes. Zev, Lucy’s gay friend, finds her on the ground in the cemetery. Zev calls Jack because Lucy refuses doctors. Jack tried calling Zoe but Zoe is abed herself, ill. Dracula comes back and kills Lucy but she isn’t really dead. Even though she went through the funeral quietly, she broke out of the incinerator.

Zoe converses with Agatha. It is a surreal conversation. Somehow Agatha is able talk with Zoe. Agatha is trying to get Zoe to think. Think about how to defeat Dracula. Zoe has seemed to have given up. Lucy feeds on they guy that checks out the commotion and is back to being beautiful. Zoe finds Dracula and brings Jack along and Dracula goes straight for him. Dracula senses something going on with Zoe. Lucy finds Dracula’s place and believes herself to be beautiful until she takes a selfie. Then she loses. Jack saves her the only way he can.

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Zoe/Sister Agatha figures out why and how about Dracula. Have you? Have you watched this? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…