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I really used to love going to the movies. I would watch the trailers and really invest myself in the story that was about to unfold, but that excitement has been killed in me. When the Force Awakens was released, I would refresh Rotten Tomatoes every 15 minutes to read everything I could about the reviews, as I was excited for a new adventure without the misguided foggy storytelling of the Prequels. Now today, in 2019, four short years later, I don’t care about Star Wars.

In fact, I just don’t care anymore. There was not a single film that was in theaters that I cared about. I didn’t want to see Dark Phoenix, I didn’t want to see Aladdin, I didn’t want to see Frozen 2 and I really don’t want to see The Rise of Skywalker. None of the major releases looked to be fun or new, they all looked safe. All of these movies looked to be factory-made. I have already seen Aladdin, I have already seen an X-Men movie and I have already seen Frozen. Why are all of these movies being made if they are the same thing over and over again?

Money. Disney seems to only think about the almighty dollar. In 2019, Disney raked in 40% of the TOTAL box office with $12 billion thus far, and more to come once the Rise of Skywalker numbers roll in. There wasn’t a single movie that Disney put out that was risky. All it was were remakes and sequels, no original musicals like Moana, and no original risk-takers like Wreck-It-Ralph. Just more live-action crap nobody wants. Money hunger doesn’t stop there. You would need to take out a bank loan just to visit a Disney Theme Park, and another to buy food there or buy the $200 lightsaber. Also, I can’t step inside another Target without my eyes being assaulted by Frozen merchandise or Star Wars cake decorations. I was more interested in the impeachment process than the new Star Wars.

It’s a shame. I loved Disney. Year after year they were pumping out wonderful movies that were super amazing and groundbreaking. I remember seeing Finding Nemo in theaters when I was five and being blown away by the music and animation. I remember being absolutely excited to see the signs going up to Disneyland and planning what rides to go on first. I had even started drafting my own movie based on some of the theme park rides. I was excited, invested and subscribed to every move that the company would make, but now I could care less.

They can have all the money that I have previously given me, but I don’t want to give them any more. The stifling of creativity that the company has done over the past few years is sickening to me and absolutely disgusting. Disney, you were the pinnacle of creativity, the north star of wholesome content, but now you pander to the lowest common denominator and thrive on ‘member berries. I dare you to do anything new. I dare you to take risks. But you won’t. Because risky moves don’t equate to every dollar known to man.

Disney has proven that money is the root of all evil. Congratulations, you have killed movies for me.

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