Peter and Lois are gearing up for their anniversary. In a porn store. Of course! Where else would they? They decided to tell their love story by telling the three greatest love stories of all time featuring him and Lois and the whole Quahog cast. Man, Peter is as dumb as a stump, but he one confident man.

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The first story we watch recounted is Helen of Troy. Of course Lois is Helen of Troy and Peter is Paris. “Paris” lets us know that while “Helen” is hot, Medusa gets him rock hard. Chris is ACL and Stewie is Achilles. Brian is Menelaus. “Achilles” and ACL know what a hypotenuse is and decide to give that a spin. They nixed the Trojan horse.

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Next up is Romeo and Juliet. Obviously, Peter is Romeo and Lois is Juliet. Chris is the cook. Stewie is a Capulet that throws “Romeo” and his companions Cleveland and Joe “Mecutio”. “Romeo” does that famous boom box scene from Say Anything with a piano rather than a boom box. Quagmire is “Friar Lawrence” and helps “Juliet” “kill” herself. You know how the story ends.

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Fatal Attraction is the last story. Yeah, I know. The music is even worse. I spent the whole part shaking my head. Lois plays dual roles. Lois is Alex Forrest and Ellen Gallagher. Peter was Dan Gallagher. Stewie is their kid. Brian is a bunny named Rice Krispies.

Chris’s ending of the show IS THE BEST EVER!!!!! What did he do? Watch and find out. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Til next week…