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When Finn joined Neighbours I really liked him as a character, mostly because I find Rob Mills to be incredibly likeable, so it just made me warm to Finn… at least it did until he turned out to be a psychopathic stalker, pathological liar and terrorist. At that point I decided maybe he wasn’t so nice after all, but hey, who am I to judge? Nobody is perfect.

Clearly a lot of viewers felt the same, because the Neighbours writers felt the need to come up with a way to shake the storyline Etch-a-Sketch so they could erase Finn’s criminal past in order to bring him back, which is how we got the amnesiac, mentally nineteen, puppy dog version of Finn who was all naive and eager to please.

I was willing to go along with this slightly bonkers plot device solely because I enjoyed Finn being back on the street but lately, and it pains me to say this because Rob Mills really does seem to be pretty good egg, Finn has been massively getting on my nerves.

First of all, he got way too invested in Elly’s pregnancy when he found out his brother (who I barely remember and honestly couldn’t care less about) was the father of her baby. He was interfering in everything from the cot to her pre-natal classes, all because “Shaun would want this” and that was “unfair on Shaun” and lots of other Shaun-related reasons that made me want to throw my remote control at the telly.

Next came his jealousy over Bea’s desire to help Ned. Yes, Ned was her ex, but they parted on fairly good terms and Ned was the boyfriend of Bea’s best friend for a while, so it’s to be expected that Bea would be concerned about a few minor bumps in Ned’s life, such as him getting stabbed by a crazed woman in a wedding dress, and joining an illegal fight club. I know Finn is mentally nineteen, so he doesn’t have the mental maturity that you’d expect from a man of his physical age, but it did all get a bit angsty and annoying.

Finn’s latest behaviour has been the final straw for me in terms of kind of wanting to push Finn into a large wheelie bin and trundle him off down a hill. This creepy obsession with Elly is really weirding me out. It’s basically a teenage boy crushing on his girlfriend’s big sister, but it has a slightly creepy connotation because they dated in the past, back when Finn was an actual grown-up.

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Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

He’s bending over backwards to help Elly with pregnancy-related things under the guise of being the baby’s uncle, when really it should be obvious to a blind man on a galloping horse that there’s much more to it than that. Susan is supposed to be a shrewd judge of character, but she’s been very slow to catch on to the whole situation, presumably because she’s been too busy making people do wedding questionnaires whilst parenting their child for them, but I digress.

I suspect that we are maybe supposed to be getting a bit fed up of Finn, because I think we’re gradually heading for a climax where he gets his memory back and reverts to his old psychopathic self, and quite frankly I can’t wait, because the over-earnest teenage act is really starting to grind my gears now…