Photo Source: ABC Media

S4 E11 – “Inheritance”

This weeks episode of Blackish deals with the passing of our parents and family fighting over the inheritance. Dre’s mom sits him and his sister down to talk about what she wants when she passes away. A subject that most children don’t want to discuss nor think about, but it is inevitable. She lets them know that when she dies she wants her ashes sprinkled on Ving Rhames. While talking to his sister, Dre learns that his mother is going to leave his sister her properties when she goes and he is not too happy with it. And feels like it is not fair that she gets the properties and he gets nothing, although he and Bow have a house and make very good money. His sister, on the other hand, does not have much and she feels like that is something that she needs. But Dre finds out that his sister wants to sell when she inherits and he would like to leave a legacy.

In the meantime, Bow’s sister comes to visit to inform Bow that she has now found Jesus and ends up hiring Jr to be her assistance at the behest of Bow, who needs a break from Jr. Bow soon realizes how much she comes to depend on Jr when the house basically falls apart because he actually does a lot around the house to help her out. She ends up needing and asking for his help but he declines because he has to work. Well, Diane needs some glue to finish her school project and she needs Jr to stay home and watch Devante so she can go to the store. He tells her that he has prior commitments and can’t but she really needs him and he ends up quitting because of Bow and blaming her as well. In the end, he ends up letting her know that he just wants to feel appreciated and Bow gives in and he is happy to be needed by his mom and not his aunt.

After Dre gets some horrible advice from his coworkers regarding how to gain his half of the inheritance, he and Robin get into a big fight involving lawyers and he upsets her. She feels betrayed by him although she has a lawyer too. Dre talks to Bow about what happened and she sets him straight. Also, letting him know that he doesn’t need the properties like his sister does. After some thought, he tricks Robin into picking him up and they hash it out. He lets her know why he was being petty about the inheritance and that together they can find a better solution, including him buying her out. She is surprised that he would do that for her and all’s well that ends well. And he tells Robin, no more talking about mama’s death. I do not blame him at all.

Losing a parent is the toughest thing that one can go through and to have to fight over what may or may not be inherited makes families become enemies. He like many often feel slighted or left out. But in a way I feel like it is best hashed out while the parent is still living and if the child is deserving. This episode portrayed just a small portion of what goes on in families. And they were fighting over and inheritance that they hadn’t even received. It is eye opening and I definitely don’t want my children to fall out over what I leave. All the focus should be on getting through the death of a parent not arguing over money or land.

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