Not only can you bet on who will win a specific CSGO competition but you could also gamble your CSGO skins and cases. The latter is a bit controversial. However, betting on CSGO tournaments is legal and supported by many of the world’s most popular betting websites.

Regardless, this article delves into everything related to CSGO betting. It also shows you how to bet and the loops you must jump to wager successfully.

CSGO Skin Betting: What is it?

CSGO Skin betting works in several ways. First, you could participate in a lottery where multiple players purchase tickets. And like a traditional lotto, the winning ticket gets one or more skins.

Another way to gamble is to use your pre-owned skins as your stake to play a gambling game. You could play an online slot, blackjack or poker together with fellow gamblers. Whoever wins the game walks away with the gambled skins.

Still, you could bet your CSGO skins on a sports match outcome. In many cases, players bet on eSports like CSGO competitions. So, if you predict a specific player to win a tournament and they win, you earn a pre-decided skin.

What are the Rules of Skin Gambling?

On many CSGO skin betting sites, the rules are simple. You must be over the age of 18 years and reside in a country where gambling is legal. The websites don’t enforce these rules, though, which is why they have regularly been accused of allowing children to gamble.

Many skin betting sites are also not regulated. There’s a plethora of reasons why that’s bad for the industry. For starters, some famous streamers create rigged gambling sites to profit off unsuspecting gamers. Other sites are straight up scams.

So, if you decide to try CSGO skins gambling, choose your site carefully. Read this guide of CSGO betting sites to learn how to pick a good betting platform. Find out the best way to profit from skins wagering and how to do it safely.


CSGO betting sites have sprung up all around the world since Valve launched the game in 2012. They have unique ways to help players bet their skins. But they became popular for the same reasons:


  • The Game’s Popularity


CSGO is one of the most famous online games in the world. It boasts of over 10 million players every month and about to 500,000 daily gamers. By comparison, its main rival, Overwatch, has almost a similar number of video game copy sales.


  • Free Skins


With some video games, skins can be shockingly expensive. On CSGO, all you need to acquire skins is to play the game regularly. If you are lucky, you can earn a skin worth hundreds of dollars. You could then use it to gamble more valuable cosmetics or sell it for green, American dollars.


  • The Steam Marketplace


Valve’s Steam gaming platform features a marketplace where you trade skins you don’t like from players with cosmetics you want. You could also trade games you’ve not played yet or trading cards. Of course, Steam has its unique currency called Steam dollars. You can’t withdraw the money, though.


  • The Growth of eSports


Esports describes the competitive, well-organized world of video games. It’s a multi-billion industry with a fan base of nearly 400 million people. CSGO is one of the most popular eSports game, and there are tournaments for the game nearly every week. Thanks to the game’s popularity, fans have reasons to want better looking skins.

How Many People bet on CSGO?

CSGO betting is worth about $5 billion according to research firm Statista. To command such figures, tens of thousands of people must gamble regularly. And true, some of the most famous skins betting sites attract millions of unique visitors each month.

CSO Lounge, for example, attracts up to 40 million visitors per month. The site also reports up to 50,000 people bet on popular CSGO tournaments. Another gambling site,, tracks up to 20,000 visitors every day.

Predictably, Valve does not support skins gambling, at least not publicly. Instead, it has sent cease and desist letters to multiple skins betting websites in the past. According to a report published on, however, Valve secretly helps CSO Lounge and other gambling sites with technical issues from time to time.

Esports Betting

Besides betting CSGO skins, there’s another way to wager on your favorite eSports gamer or league. It’s called eSports betting and has the nod of dozens of world-famous bookmakers like Bet365, Betway, and 888 Sports.

Similar to traditional betting, eSports betting involves wagering on a variety of match outcomes. The most obvious bet is to predict which player wins in a competition. Thanks to Valve’s involvement in eSports, there are tournaments to bet on every week.

Another popular outcome in eSports is the totals bet. It involves betting on things like the total points a player accrues, the number of rounds completed, kills achieved or maps played. You don’t have to make an exact prediction. Bookmakers let you make an estimate. For example, you could predict a CSGO match to end with over 40 or under 40 kills made.

Additionally, you could also wager on proposition bets. These are match outcomes that involve nothing more than guessing. For example, can you predict how many specific kills a certain player makes? Do you think the game will be paused for 30 minutes due to technical issues? You can bet on it.

Research is Crucial

CSGO betting allows you to earn more valuable skins or win cash. But it’s not easy. You must research, evaluate the odds and make smart betting decisions. Invest more time in learning how betting works before you wager your precious skins.

A good place to start is to play CSGO regularly so that you earn free skins. Afterwards, you can attempt to bet them hoping to win rarer cosmetics. Of course, you could also sell your valuable skins for cash. So, if you don’t want your skins but need money, consider selling them instead.