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The human experiment has chugged along for a full year on The Good Place. Unfortunately during that full year, the scientist within Simone couldn’t let it go that The Good Place wasn’t what it seemed. After collecting data during the experimental period, Simone came to the conclusion that she, Chidi, Brent and John the gossip were being forked with.

With Tahani and Jason in the midst, Simone figures out that Eleanor and Michael are meddling with their little foursome for a specific purpose. At the neighborhood year-end celebration, Michael throws a Hail Mary: he has a h*llhole swallow Brent. The premise being that the group would rise to the occasion and save Brent (whom Jason equates to a toilet full of broccoli).

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What actually happens is the group splinters: Simone and John run off in Brent’s Escalade and Chidi falls into the h*llhole trying to rescue brocolli toiler Brent.

It is a disaster.

And yet, Jason (of all people!) gives some solid advice and says they have to try something. So Eleanor and Michael blow the roof off and let Chidi guess that they’re in The Bad Place. It’s a bold move-Brent is horrified, Chidi is resigned, Simone and Johm are in the wind, and the clock ticks down to one minute left on the experiment.

Courtesy of NBC

With literally seconds on the clock, Brent has his epiphany and is in the middle of apologizing to Chidi…but the clock runs out. With Janet handing over a possible victory or disappointment margarita, Eleanor, Tahani, Jason, Michael and Janet are at the mercy of the Judge and a hopefully generous points system.

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