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Greek Street is almost burned down thanks to Isaac Pincher, who gave Charlotte a heads up when he passed her on the street. Nancy and baby Kitty were in the house but managed to get out and no one was harmed. The girls try to salvage what is left and get back to some sense of normality. Will and Jacob are back with a new face, whom he is going to help get fights. Harriett has opened her house for the girls, which I am surprised about and she takes on the newcomer as well to guard the door.

Lydia is up to her old tricks as usual. She seems to be doing much better since Lady Isabella has taken up her charge and decided to be charitable. Is it guilt or another form of revenge against Quigley. Lady Fitz is in a tizzy because Sophie has just run off with a servant. Much to Lady Fitz’s horror but there is nothing she can do about it, she should have just been honest with her daughter. She and Kate conspire to escape from Bedlam on the promise that she will raise her to a higher standing. Using Kate as bait they manage to get the keys and escape. But they cause a big distraction using the patients and out the door they go. Quigley is now free once more to wreak havoc on those she thinks did her wrong.

Lucy has finally gotten what she wanted, Golden Square, but with some not so honest partners, Elizabeth Harvey and Fredo. What have we learned about Lucy so far? Is that she thinks she knows everything? She is very spoiled and arrogant? And she is too trusting. Everything that she tries to undertake on her own, blows up in her face. No matter how much she tries to control the situation or better it. In the end she always ends up flat on her behind. I don’t know why the show continues to paint her as a clever girl or make her be like Charlotte. When in the end her character is always made out to be gullible and very naive. No progression on that end of it. I would have thought that she would have learned some valuable lessons last season, but it is not to be.

Charlotte has now concocted a plan to get back at Isaac for burning down her house. Thanks to Cherry, they now know where he keeps his money.  Cherry is working in their tavern because Charles left her and escaped debtors jail. Emily allowed her to work there because she was trying to a nice thing for Cherry. But we all know how Cherry is and her loyalty doesn’t seem to lie with anyone. Or should I say it lies with anyone who has money for her. Lucy and the girls are all in cahoots together to try and get back at the Pinchers. She is to be a distraction for Charlotte and the other girls to get in without being seen. Charlotte seems to have somewhat of a crush on Isaac so who is playing whom? Charlotte has changed as well, she doesn’t seem to be the same Charlotte from season 1 although many bad things have happened since then. Her mother being gone is one. I don’t feel like she is trying to be Maggie. But when Will finds out he is not too happy about what she did.

Just when you think Emily has changed, she ends up being much like she was in season 1 arrogant and believing she is entitled to everything. I will say this she has gotten a little book smart and can now read and write. But she is intent on learning about business and does not want to lose what she has with Hal. She is desperately trying to hang on to it by any means necessary. She is stuck on Hal and she believes that he will be the one to change her standing in life. She is also giving advice to Hal about how to make money from the information she got from her cull on business. She thinks she is doing the right thing and she may end up in America since land is being sold there

With the help of Lady Fitz they trap the Pincher’s into basically leaving them alone. Once again being an aristocrat helps Charlotte to an extent because the word of a noble is always over those of the commoner. So the Pincher’s agree and get their money back. And Charlote and Isabelle’s relationship continues but what is the purpose of it. Especially since it seems to me that she has a thing for Isaac although she doesn’t want to admit. Another blow to Quigley when she learns that Charles lost her house to Lucy and Elizabeth. And she ends up with Mrs May again. What will episode 3 bring???? Quigley unleashing her revenge.