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Finally, some truths start to emerge. Lucy has found the jacket that Fallon had on when he stabbed Amelia. She has finally woken up and she does not know what has happened to her mother. Everyone is starting to find out, well not everyone. Lucy is coming into her own truths now. The Marquess is also up to his own agenda, he orders Fallon to finish off Amelia and he orders Quigley to fetch Sophia. Sophia is at Greek Street and is complaining about where she is and holding her mother accountable for it. Lastly, Will is preparing to bury Maggie. Everyone is sort of lost at the moment and trying to pick up the pieces.

Lucy goes to Hunt’s house to check on Amelia and learns the hardest truth of all. She apologizes and asks who did it. She finds out it is Fallon and the truth visably slaps her. She also learns about her mother from Mrs Scanwell. Lucy now begins to understand the complete destruction of her words on behalf of Fallon. But it is too late, she can’t even say goodbye because her mother is gone. And here comes Harriet. We know that she carries a torch for Will and she tries to be a friend or whatever to him as he goes to retrieve Margaret’s body. Hidden agenda? Possibly. Over on Golden Square, Emily has informed Abigail that she is trying to set her free.

Once again the aristocrat strikes again in a second attempt on Ameilia’s life. Lucy is still reeling from learning her mother’s death and see’s Hunt in the tavern and takes her anger out on him. She then learns why her mother did what she did. She also learns that it was her mouth and alibi that basically killed her mother. More blows are dealt to Lucy. And that is good for her. She thought she knew what she was doing against everyone’s warnings. Casting her mother out when she was trying to protect her. Finding out now she realizes what her mother tried to do for her inspite of her children and the man that she loved.

Lord Fallon is caught trying to smother Amelia and Nancy and Violet have tied him up. Quigely is on the hunt for Sophia and eventually finds her on Greek Street. She takes her from Lady Fitz and delivers her to the Marquess. Meanwhile, Mrs Scanwell is torturing Lord Fallon as Lucy walks in distraught after all that she has learned. She realized that Lord Fallon was only using her to get what he lied. She learns more information about him. That he knows who killed Kitty and how he was the one coming for Emily and Amelia. So Lord Fallon spills his guts and gives them all the dirt they could possibly need. Dirt they need on Quigley. Did Fallon truly love Lucy, maybe just a bit.

So many things have happened. Charlotte makes the mistake of trusting Lady Fitz and gives her the information on where Lord Fallon is and she blackmails her brother into giving her, her inheritance and takes Sophia. The Marquess sets about going to free Fallon before he ruins them all.  And the house on Golden Square starts to fall apart and Nell in her anger blurts our that Emily is not pregnant and Charles throws her out. Emily has freed Abigail in his anger he cuts everyone out. Charles learns all of what his mother has been up too. He learns that Quigley ensured Margaret’s death and Charlotte and Nancy learn that their witness is gone. Charles locks Lydia up in her room. Charlotte talks him into locking her up in Bedlam. Finally a win with Quigley being carried out.

Lord Fallon is also forced to make some hard decisions. Can’t be sad at that. He commits suicide by the hand of the Marquess and stabs himself after writing a suicide note. That is two birds so far. But is there a bit of light at the end of the tunnel? Yes!! After, beating up Hunt, Will learns that he did not kill Maggie. But instead shipped her off to Virginia. While in the tavern Emily confronts Harriet and she once again looks stupid as she realizes what her haughty attitude has brought her. They set off and set up shop somewhere else. Maggie’s family learns that she is not dead but still lost to them as she cannot come back home. Violet sets off on her own leaving Amelia to accept Hunt’s proposal. Before being shipped to Bedlam, Quigley sent one of her girls to the Marquess’ house. And the season ends with Quigley in Bedlam and Scanwell giving a sermon. Greek Street is bustling once more with Charlotte as the bawd looking very much like her mother and Will is manning the door…….