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The Good Place’s Final Season Has Arrived

#TheGoodPlace is back for a final season of forking greatness.
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At the end of season 3 of The Good Place, Michael and the squad proved that humans were unfairly judged, making the Good Place unattainable. In a deal made with The Judge (Maya Rudolph), the Bad Place’s head demon was allowed to pick random humans for a test of ethics in a new neighborhood. As Michael couldn’t be trusted to be objective, Eleanor was chosen as the new architect-erasing Chidi’s memory of their love in the process (to not hinder the outcomes).

Courtesy of @nbcthegoodplace/Twitter

The final season of such a comedic show that has heart, soul and a passionate crew is bittersweet. The Good Place is consistently one of the smartest, best written shows on network television. This final season will be one of magic, ethics and a multitude of Janets. Check out the season 4 promo below:

*Courtesy of NBC/YouTube*

Courtesy of @nbcthegoodplace/Twitter

The Good Place returns Thursday, September 26th on NBC at 9/8PM.

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