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Luigi’s Mansion is one of the most unique series of games that Nintendo has. It’s not a 3D Mario platformer, it’s not an epic Zelda adventure, and it’s not a Metroid sci-fi shooter. It’s Mario’s brother in a Haunted House. Normally, with a Nintendo console release, a big name game is dropped with the console. With the Wii, it was Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The Nintendo 64 released with Mario 64. But the “big name game” that was released with the GameCube was Luigi’s Mansion. It was a total gamble for Nintendo but it was a big success, garnering a sequel and remake on the 3DS.

With the Switch being released, there were tons of rumors swirling around that a 3rd game would come out given that a lot of people felt that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was done a disservice by being on hardware with limited capabilities. Relatively soon after the Switch released, Nintendo announced that there would be a brand new Luigi’s Mansion game coming to the Switch. As time went on, we learned more and more about the game that would be released.

For starters, the game would be developed by Next Level Games, the team that made Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon as well as the Wii Punch-Out and Mario Super Striker games. I played about half of Dark Moon, but ultimately felt as if I was going to do the same things over and over again. It would be a cycle of mild puzzle solving, ghost catching and get a new item or ability. What I loved about the first game is that there was a lot of creativity and passion in everything that was presented. The ghosts were unique, the setting was memorable, and the writing and dialogue was funny. Dark Moon is not a bad game, it’s just nothing that really stands out in my mind as a Luigi’s Mansion game. If Next Level Games wants to make a game that will be looked at with the fondness that people have for the first game, they need to put in a lot of things that made the first game great.

From the first trailer, it looked like more of the same from the game. There were forgettable ghosts from the last game, lots of basic looking areas and a ghost dog. Ghost dogs are cool, but not cool enough to make me shell out $60 for another Dark Moon. It was a short trailer, but there was not a single aspect about it that made me excited to see more. We didn’t even know where it would take place. Would it be one big mansion? Multiple mansions? There were a lot of critics of the first game’s bland presentation when compared to the first game, but the first trailer looked as if the developers didn’t take the criticisms into consideration.

The E3 trailer threw all those worries out of the window. We learned that this game would be in a haunted hotel, allowing for many levels to be in the game and be unique. They brought back portrait ghosts, which were mini-bosses in the first game. With the setting being a hotel, it could allow for virtually any type of character to be a portrait ghost, as they could be hotel guests from all over the world. That ghost dog is a companion and can be used to get through certain tasks. There is an ability to slam ghosts against the ground with the Poltergust G-00. As for the generic ghosts, they are still there, but they are supplementary ghosts. they will not be that main ghosts that will be in the game like in Dark Moon. This trailer has made me giddy as it truly looks like a brand-new spooky adventure.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be released on October 31st, 2019.