Photo courtesy of Channel 5.

There was quite a lot happening on Ramsay Street last week – a bit of romantic drama, some scheming ex-wives, the world’s most underwhelming missing person storyline, and a little spot of fraud.

Lyn and Gail Are Back

Paul and Terese’s imminent wedding had a slight upset as two of Paul’s numerous ex-wives turned up in Erinsborough. Gail showed up first to meet her granddaughter Harlow, and her first introduction to her was witnessing the food fight she had with Roxy. Gail tried to warn Terese against marrying Paul and insinuated that Harlow might be a psychopath like her dad, but then she also went on a date with Gary, proving that nobody should trust her judgement about anything.

More entertaining has been Lyn Scully, who is back in town with her Fraggle hair and her interfering antics, immediately trying to pump the Kennedys for info on the wedding as soon as she rocked up. Lyn’s good fun, and she appears to be plotting something, so I can’t wait to see what trouble she gets up to. Between Roxy and Lyn, I fear Paul might completely snap and beat one of them to death with his prosthetic leg.

neighbours lyn karl susan

Lyn and her Fraggle hair Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Sheila Who?

Sheila went missing, and nobody seemed to give two hoots about it for quite a while, mostly because Gary told everyone not to do anything because he’s a big grumpy man-child. Eventually Gary stopped sulking for long enough to inform the police that his mother, who has a heart problem incidentally, hadn’t been in touch and hadn’t shown up for work. Erinsborough police did their job for once, and Mark informed the Cannings that Sheila’s car had been found, so Kyle and Amy donned their high-vis gear and went out to look for Sheila. They found her watch… then Mark turned up at Gary’s door with his bad news face on… and then Sheila was in the hospital and she was fine. Not that I wanted Sheila not to be fine, but the tension built up to a climax which never really happened. The whole thing felt like they’d filmed a bunch of scenes between the search and the hospital, but someone had forgotten to press record and so they were lost forever.

neighbours sheila

Found her! © Fremantle Media. Source: Digital Spy.

Nobody Has Any Sympathy For Leo

Leo got scammed by a one night stand who turned out to be one of Vance’s minions, and absolutely nobody had any sympathy for him, apart from David, who has an overabundance of empathy for everyone and so doesn’t really count. Aaron was particularly judgey about the whole thing. It’s not often I feel sorry for Leo, but I thought he deserved a bit less grief than he got over this.

Shortest Relationship Ever

Chloe and Elly went on about two and half dates and then broke up, so presumably Elly will go back to just being a Pregnant Woman™ now. It was a pretty short romance, although not as short as Elly’s marriage, so that’s something.

Weirdest Relationship Ever

Mark and Roxy?

Nope. No, thank you. Don’t like it.