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Funko SDCC 2019 Exclusives

Are you a Funko collector waiting to get your hand on some SDCC exclusive? We’ve got all the 2019 exclusives in one place for you right here on TGON. If you are new to Funko make sure you check out this article, and if you are looking for some tips on how to get SDCC exclusives I highly suggest checking out this one too. Now all of these pops will be available at San Diego Comic Con’s Funko booth, if you got into their lottery. But if you are like the majority of Funko collectors, you will be chasing down various pops and different stores this week. We broke down where you can get each pop, please know that Funko can change where they are sold at any time.

Funko Shop Exclusives:

Barnes and Nobles Exclusives


Target Exclusives

Box Lunch Exclusives

Hot Topic Exclusives

Walmart Exclusives


Walgreens Exclusive

Wong Dr. Strange

Toy Tokyo Exclusives

Gamestop Exclusives


FYE Exclusives


Entertainment Earth Exclusives


Think Geek Exclusive


Amazon Exclusives

Funko Booth Only at SDCC Exclusives

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