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Well, I have quite a lot to unpick this week – and if you’re not caught up on all the Dee stuff, then you might want to skip this one.

We finally have most of the answers to the questions that we haven’t really been asking for the past 16 years, about Dee and what happened to her. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking it was all a bit of an anti-climax in the end. After all this time, I was hoping for some really bonkers story, but it wasn’t as bonkers as I wanted it to be. I had a brief moment where I thought that the Zantucks might be an alien race, because that’s what they sound like, and at least an alien abduction would have been a better payoff than a 16-year case of mistaken identity. But alas, they’re yet another criminal gang. How many suburban criminal gangs are there in Erinsborough?


Fake Dee/Real Dee. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

It turns out that Dee was on the hit list of this criminal alien gang (I really want it to be aliens, OK?), the Zantucks, because Andrea had witnessed a crime, and unfortunately for Dee, they have the same face and the same hair roots. The Zantucks thought Dee was Andrea and so they tampered with the car and sent Toadie and Dee into the sea. But Riley just happened to be passing and pulled Dee out (clearly he did not give two hoots about Toadie, and just left him to drown), and Dee spent the next few years convinced that Toadie was dead, while he thought she was dead. It’s very frustrating, because I just have this feeling that it could all have been sorted out so easily at this stage with a few phone calls, a visit to a police station and a nice cup of tea. But Toadie is not known for his common sense, logic or investigative thinking, and so here we are.

Eventually, Dee figured out Toadie was alive, but by this time he was remarried, and so she just whacked on a headscarf and a floaty dress and decided to waft around in Byron Bay and never return to Ramsay Street again. Until, that is, Andrea and Crazy Heather turned up and caused all the current drama. Side note: I’m kind of going to miss Heather. She was so hammy, but she was fun to watch.

So, as we hurtled towards the “climax”, and I use that term loosely because as I said before I thought the real Big Reveal scene was a bit of a let down, we had Andrea pretending to be Dee again, and then Dee pretending to be Andrea – and we still (at the time of writing this) have no real answers on how there comes to be two identical women. I’m still thinking twins separated at birth. Will we ever find out? Do we even still care?

My favourite bit of the whole climax was when Willow, who is clearly completely done with everything at this point, rugby tackled Andrea to the floor. I think she should team up with Mark and be his enforcer, because his takedown of Heather wasn’t half as fun.


Yeah, sure. If you crouch down they won’t see you in that dress, Heather. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

When Toadie finally saw the Real Dee again, I wanted him to react how I would have reacted. I wanted him to yell and scream and shout at her and be outraged for all the emotional pain he’s been through, but I felt like the scene was a bit lack lustre. Ryan Moloney was great, as usual, but he wasn’t given the script that I was expecting. If I was Toadie I’d have been absolutely livid, and I would have had so many questions, which would have been asked at my loudest, most furious volume. But props to Ryan Moloney again, because he did what he could with what he was given, and the moment he had with Susan, after Dee delivered the huge box of diaries that she clearly takes everywhere with her, was really touching. He was robbed at the Logies.

So now that’s all over, can we please get back to a happy Toad who eats pizza in his boxers and makes bad dad jokes? As nice as it has been to see just how good Ryan Moloney is when he’s given a big, meaty story line, I feel like he needs a few mid-week comedy sub-plots now. Let him catch a few fairies with Nell and have a few beers with Kyle and Puffy. Please, just give Toadie a break!