The Runaways

Source: TV Club – The AV Club

Disclaimer: I have never read The Runaways comic book, so my review of the show is just that a review of the show. I’ve discussed it with some of my friends, who have read the comics so I may make reference to those conversations as a means of explaining some of my thoughts.

I’m still not sure what to think of this show. I do like it…most of the time. Sometimes I get a little frustrated with some of the predictability of the actions of the kids. I know this can be chalked up to them being teenagers and the fact that due to their still developing brains they do not always make logical decision. There are several instances of this in the season premise of the show.

First, Alex’s choice to continue to go back to his father’s former partner and patsy Darius for help feels confusing to me. Alex hates his father and PRIDE due to their murderous ways, yet he goes to Darius, a confessed gang leader, drug dealer, most likely murder for help based only on the premise that “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” While I understand the sentiment, asking for drug money to help him and his friends run from his parents feels…cliché?

I do like the somewhat surprising arc that they begin for Darius in this episode. Introducing motivation for him to possible try to be a better human. We’ll see where it takes him. Using him as a way to introduce a potential new love interest for Alex so quickly after the revelation of Karolina and Nico also feels a little too convenient.

From my conversation with my comic book friend, I understand that Molly is younger in the book, which is why I guess they play her so impetuous. Fourteen year olds’ make dumb decision, no doubt, but being completely always driven by emotion feels more like a middle school age child.

The gang is definitely going through the process of becoming a team. The storming process in full effect as they all make their own mistakes and try to adjust to their new normal. I’m interested to see how the leadership plays out with Alex and Chase. Having Alex as the only older member with no romantic attachment within the group opens up interesting dynamics for the decision making processes of the group.

The episode ends with Karolina making an interesting decision, which while understandable, still feels uhh dumb, but I will give it a chance to play out before making a finale verdict on the that one. Overall the first episode would get a 3.5/5.